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Superstar Collection: Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels

October 23, 2012
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WWE Hell in a Cell 2009

Prudential Center – Newark, New Jersey – October 4, 1999
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WWE Royal Rumble 2009

Rumble 09
Joe Louis Arena – Detroit, Michigan – January 25, 2009
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WWF Survivor Series 1990

Civic Center – Hartford, Connecticut – November 22, 1990

Gorilla Monsoon and Roddy Piper are calling the action. This year will feature the first-ever Survivors Final Match, as well as the hatching of a giant egg. No, really.

MATCH #1: Survivor Series Elimination Match – The Perfect Team (Demolition & Mr. Perfect) vs. The Ultimate Warriors (Texas Tornado, Road Warriors & Ultimate Warrior)

Demolition is accompanied by Mr. Fuji, while Perfect has Bobby Heenan accompanying him. Warrior is the current WWF Champion, and Texas Tornado is the Intercontinental Champion. Animal and Smash start the match with some intense brawling. The Warriors quickly dominate and go to work on Smash. Tornado locks Ax in the claw and then tags the captain. Warrior hits a shoulder block, a flying tackle and a big splash for the first elimination at 3:23. The remaining members of Demolition respond by beating the WWF Champion down. Hawk gets tagged in and the Perfect Team cuts the ring in half on him too. When Hawk makes the comeback and lands a clothesline from the top rope on Smash, Crush comes in to break up the cover. All four men brawl and both Smash and Hawk take a shot at the referee and all four men are disqualified at 7:36. That leaves Perfect at a distinct disadvantage against the Texas Tornado and the Ultimate Warrior. Both Perfect and Heenan are abused by Warrior and Tornado, until the Intercontinental Champion misses a charge in the corner and cracks his shoulder on the post. Moments later Perfect hits the Perfect-Plex to eliminate Tornado at 11:02. Continue reading

WWF Royal Rumble 1989

Rumble 88-92

The Summit – Houston, Texas – January 15, 1989
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