Eric Bischoff: Sports Entertainment’s Most Controversial Figure


DVD Release Date: Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Disc 2

~MATCH #1: Starrcade, 12.28.97~
Larry Zbyszko defeats Eric Bischoff (w/ Scott Hall) by DQ at 11:30 to give WCW Control of Monday NITRO. The special referee here is Bret Hart, which is to this day a baffling way for him to make his PPV debut with the company. Bischoff tries to stall in the early going, but Larry is all like, “hey, that’s my thing!” Larry works Bischoff over, and even has to fight off Hall as well. When Bret gets distracted by pulling Larry off Bischoff in the corner, Hall loads up Bischoff’s kick pad with a steel plate. Bischoff kicks Larry with the plate, and it goes flying. Bret notices something is up, so he punches Bischoff out, and then puts Hall in the Sharpshooter. I guess that’s a DQ win for Zbyszko. This was not good in any way, shape or form, and was a terrible use of Bret Hart.
Rating: DUD

Blu-Ray Exclusives

~MATCH #2: RAW, 2.23.04~
Eric Bischoff and Vince McMahon wrestled to a no-contest. ”Stone Cold” Steve Austin is the special referee. They start with some awkward brawling, and McMahon mostly dominates. Austin interjects himself more than most referees would, and he gets distracted by McMahon and Bischoff brawling on the floor. That allows Brock Lesnar to sneak in and give Austin an F-5. That’s pretty much the end of that, so no result. That was barely a match.
Rating: DUD

~MATCH #3: Taboo Tuesday, 10.19.04~
Eugene defeats Eric Bischoff at 2:08 in a Loser Gets His Head Shaved Match. Bischoff attacks his “nephew” before the bell and beats him up with weak looking kicks. Eugene shrugs off his “uncle” and delivers an airplane spin and a boot to the face. He follows that up with the Atomic Leg Drop to get the pin. That was cute but it’s insane that it was on a show they expected people to pay actual money for.
Rating: ½*

~A2Z Analysiz~
This DVD certainly isn’t sold on the strength of the matches, which are pretty bad. And not that Bischoff is known as a wrestler, but he had matches against John Cena, Ric Flair, and Steve Austin that aren’t on this set for some reason. That being said, the documentary is great and Bischoff is a very interesting subject. The bulk of the bonus material is entertaining as well, so overall this is a very strong release and one I heartily recommend.


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