Superstar Collection: Randy Orton


DVD Release Date: Tuesday, September 4, 2012

~MATCH #1: The Bash, 6.28.09~
WWE Champion Randy Orton defeats Triple H at 21:21 in a 3 Stages of Hell Match to retain the title. Orton has been the champion since 6.15.09, and this is his second defense. The first fall will be a traditional wrestling match, the second fall will be a falls-count-anywhere match, and the third fall (if necessary) will be a stretcher match. The first fall goes back and forth for the opening minutes until HHH rolls to the floor for a breather. While he’s recovering, he grabs a steel chair and when Orton comes over, he cracks him in the head with it, giving Orton the first fall by disqualification at 5:00. That strategy has worked in Iron Man matches, but it’s quite a bit riskier in a two out of three falls match. HHH works Orton over with the chair, which is legal now that it’s falls count anywhere. Orton rolls to the floor and HHH follows him out and hits a Pedigree to even it up at 6:20. Referees roll the stretcher out, and the third fall begins. Both men are hurting, and they fight back and forth in and out of the ring. Late in the match HHH hits a Pedigree and puts Orton on the stretcher but Cody Rhodes runs out and stops Orton from going over the line! He dispatches of Rhodes, but then Ted DiBiase comes out to attack him! Legacy works HHH over for a bit until HHH somehow produces a sledgehammer! HHH blasts Rhodes and DiBiase with the hammer, but Orton surprises him with a low blow. Orton then hits HHH in the face with a piece of the stage, and is able to put HHH on the stretcher and roll him across the line for the victory at 21:22. I actually liked this match for the first two falls, because of the way the leg psychology played into everything, but the stretcher match was kind of dull, because honestly it can be hard to build up drama for rolling a stretcher across a line. The Legacy interference was fine because at least they built some intrigue, but it was overall still pretty lazy.
Rating: **¾

~MATCH #2: Night of Champions, 7.26.09~
WWE Champion Randy Orton defeats John Cena Triple H at 22:50 in a Triple Threat match to retain the title. Orton has been the champion since 6.15.09, and this is his third defense. This is a rematch from WrestleMania XXIV in Orlando. Cena and HHH tenuously work together until Orton ends up knocking Cena off the apron right into HHH! That’s a good break for Orton, taking out both men at the same time. Orton controls for a bit, and it takes a while for Cena and HHH to be alone in the ring together. They slug it out as I remember that these two tore it up at this event last year. Things stay fast paced as all three men trade control. With all three men exhausted, HHH traps Orton in the Sharpshooter, and Cena rejoins the ring and locks on a simultaneous cross face, and Orton taps out! But the referee doesn’t know who to call the winner! Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase run out to attack both challengers. Cena grabs Rhodes in the Attitude Adjustment, but Orton strikes with an RKO to get the pin. I really liked the match, but I think the finish would have been just as effective if Cena had HHH in the Attitude Adjustment and Orton hit the RKO out of that. I’m just getting tired for seeing Legacy interfere all the time. But the crowd was hot and the action was quite good. Usually when someone taps out the match is over and they figure out the winner later, usually hold the title up or something like that, but I guess this referee made a judgment call, or something.
Rating: ***¾

~MATCH #3: Monday Night RAW, 3.1.10~
Randy Orton defeats Ted DiBiase by disqualification at 9:05. This was right at the time Legacy disintegrated, so both man have something to prove to the other. Orton dominates the early going and they head into a commercial break. When we return the momentum has shifted and DiBiase is on offense. When Orton makes the comeback and looks poised to put DiBiase away, Cody Rhodes comes out to interfere and the ref calls for the disqualification. This was okay for the time it got, and the intention was to set up the triple threat match at WrestleMania XXVI. But I’m not sure why this made an Orton DVD, even a one-disc budget release.
Rating: **

~MATCH #4: Capitol Punishment, 6.19.11~
World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton defeats Christian at 14:09 to retain the title. Orton has been the Champion since 5.6.11, and this is his third defense. These two make such great opponents. Momentum shifts multiple times in the opening minutes, as this is the third World Title match between these two men in the last few months, they know each other very well. Orton is recovering from a recent concussion, so Christian wisely targets his head and neck area, which is pretty smart. Both guys are using moves that they don’t frequently do, which is so appreciated in a longer series of matches like they had. Late in the match Christian is able to connect with a Spear but Orton kicks out at two. Christian goes to the top rope and can’t connect on whatever he was going for, but he lands on his feet. Bummer for him, Orton catches him with a surprise RKO! That’s enough for Orton to get the pin, but Christian’s foot was under the bottom rope! I love that finish because it looked great and it gives a legit reason for a rematch. The match too was fantastic, with both guys bringing out the best in each other, using different moves to try and outsmart the other guy. There was just something about these two that clicked every time they were in the ring together.
Rating: ****

A2Z Analysiz
Two of the four matches here are very, very good, one other is okay, and one is too short to really mean much either way (which makes it a puzzling inclusion). For a budget release this is perfectly acceptable stuff, and I like that they included one of the lesser praised Orton/Christian matches, since there were so many great matches in that feud.


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