Superstar Collection: John Cena

Superstar Collection John Cena

MATCH #1: World Heavyweight Championship Match – John Cena vs. Chris Jericho, Armageddon, 12.14.08

Cena has been the champion since 11.23.08, and this is his first defense. They fiercely lockup to start the match, and Jericho goes right to the headlock. Jericho gets the early advantage, but Cena quickly comes back with a takedown and a series of right hands. The challenger tries to regroup on the floor but Cena chases him out. Jericho attacks Cena on his way back into the ring and goes to work. Cena powers out of a chinlock with an F-U attempt, but Jericho counters to a DDT. They fight on the apron, where Cena catches Jericho off the top rope and tries another F-U. Jericho avoids this one too, and delivers a bulldog off the ring apron to the steps. Back in the ring Jericho gets a two-count. The challenger gets a few minutes of offense before Cena comes back with his flurry. He hits the You Can’t See Me and once again tries the F-U. Jericho almost counters to the Walls of Jericho, but Cena powers out and hits a belly-to-belly suplex for two. The challenger comes back with a missile dropkick for two. Cena tries the Throwback but Jericho avoids it and hits a Lionsault for two. Jericho tries a superplex but Cena blocks and hits the legdrop off the top for two. Back to their feet Cena tries another F-U and Jericho counters again, this time to a Code Breaker. Cena kicks out at two! Jericho charges at Cena, who finally connects with a big F-U. That only gets two for the champion. Jericho gets a small package out of nowhere for two. He tries an enziguiri but Cena ducks and tries the STFU, but Jericho reverses to the Walls of Jericho. Cena reverses it to the STFU and Jericho taps out at a brisk 12:43. These two have always worked well together, and while this wasn’t a classic it was energetic and fun enough. Plus I’m sure they didn’t’ want to overshadow the main event.
Rating: ***¼

MATCH #2: Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship – John Cena vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels, Survivor Series, 11.22.09

Cena has been the Champion since 10.25.09, and this is his first defense. Michaels and HHH enter together and stand on the same side of the ring across from the Champion. The odds seem to be stacked against Cena here. The bell rings and Michaels hits HHH with an immediate Sweet Chin Music! Totally didn’t see that coming. The shocked look on Cena’s face is great too. That surprise gives Michaels the early advantage. Cena fights back and hits the Fisherman Suplex for a near-fall. He goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Michaels counters with a DDT for two. Michaels goes to work on the leg now, trying to keep Cena on the mat. He cinches on a Figure-Four Leglock. Cena fights out and they trade strikes. The Champ goes for the flying shoulderblocks and hits one, but Michaels avoids the second one and Cena crashes to the floor. Michaels follows him out with a house show dive. He takes apart the table but Cena picks him up for an Attitude Adjustment. HHH makes the save and Michaels dumps Cena into the crowd. Then HHH delivers a spinebuster to his best friend through the table! HHH brings Cena in the ring and hits a spinebuster for two. The Game is fully in control. He goes for the Pedigree but Cena fights it off and catapults HHH into the turnbuckles. HHH lands a hard clothesline before Cena can capitalize, and gets a two-count. Both men rise and they trade hands. Cena gets the better of it and hits the shoulderblocks and the Protoplex. He hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle and goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Michaels comes back to the ring and throws Cena shoulder-first into the ring post. Now the best friends and D-X teammates square off. Cena tries to get back into it but HHH hurls him back into the crowd. Michaels takes the first advantage but HHH cuts him off with the Harley Race High Knee. HHH then hits the Facebuster. He misses a clothesline and Michaels connects with the flying forearm. Michaels nips up but HHH grabs him in a spinebuster. HHH goes for the Pedigree but Michaels backdrops his way out of it. Michaels goes up top but Cena comes back in to knock him down. Cena goes up top and tries the Cena Slice on HHH but misses. Michaels then climbs to the top and hits Cena with Hail to the King. Striker actually says at this point “and this is why we fall in love with this craft!” HHH throws Michaels to the floor and then Cena locks HHH in the STF! Michaels comes back in and breaks it up by putting Cena in the Crossface! Cena stands up and has Michaels in position for the Attitude Adjustment but Michaels battles out of it. The tenacious Champion takes Michaels down and puts on the STF! Michaels makes it to the ropes. He gets back to his feet and levels Cena with Sweet Chin Music. Michaels hits HHH with Sweet Chin Music as well, and the momentum sends him to the floor but HHH landed on Cena! The referee turns around and by then is only able to get a two-count. Back on their feet Cena is able to land the Attitude Adjustment on HHH. Both men are down as Michaels pulls himself back in the ring. Both Cena and Michaels crawl toward HHH to make a cover and they both put an arm over him but HHH kicks out. Everyone goes for finishers and Michaels lands a Sweet Chin Music on HHH! Cena then hits Michaels with the Attitude Adjustment and he lands on his partner. That’s enough for Cena to get the pin at 21:13. What a great match. The beginning was amazing, the ending was great, and they did some creative Triple Threat spots in the middle. Also the action almost never stopped and everything flowed together perfectly. This match doesn’t get enough love.
Rating: ****½

MATCH #3: Superstar of the Year Match – John Cena vs. Randy Orton, Monday Night RAW, 12.14.09

Cena starts off hot, throwing Orton from pillar to post. He hits the Fisherman Suplex for two. He continues the abuse, keeping the pressure on Orton in the early going. Cena tries the bulldog but Orton shoves him off and Cena crashes to the floor. Orton follows him out and throws Cena into the post. Back in the ring Orton methodically works Cena over. Cena recovers and hits the Throwback. He should bring that back. Cena goes up top and lands the Cena Slice for a two-count. Orton responds with the backbreaker for two. Cena gets a quick schoolboy rollup for a near-fall. Orton cuts him off with a clothesline for two. He stomps on Cena but then misses a knee drop. Cena unleashes a flurry of offense, hitting the shoulderblocks and a Protoplex. He hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle and goes for the Attitude Adjustment. Orton counters tot he RKO but Cena counters that to the STF, which Orton counters, and Cena counters that to hit the Attitude Adjustment. Surprisingly that only gets two. Orton is able to land the elevated DDT on the floor! That was awesome. Back in the ring Orton shots the half and covers for two. Orton sets up for the Punt Kick but Cena moves out of the way and hits an Attitude Adjustment to get the pin and win Superstar of the Year at 9:01. That was a perfectly acceptable TV main event, but with Superstar of the Year on the line they could have made it seem like a bigger deal I guess.
Rating: **¾

MATCH #4: Triple Threat Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship – John Cena vs. John Morrison vs. The Miz, Extreme Rules, 5.1.11

Miz has been the Champion since 11.22.10, and this is his seventh defense. The Johns team up on the WWE Champion but they quickly turn on each other of course. Morrison dropkicks Cena and then Miz comes back and clobbers Morrison with a clothesline. Miz hurls Morrison into the cage as Mathews says that the Champion has never ever been involved in a Steel Cage match. The pace continues to be quick and offense is coming from all over the place. Cena and Miz fight to the top rope and Cena brings him down with a bulldog. Miz comes back and hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Cena as Morrison almost makes his way over the top of the cage. The former tag team championship partners fight on top of the cage, trading punches. Cena joins them up there and the Johns double superplex Miz back down to the canvas. All three men are down. Morrison is up first and he goes to the top of the cage but Cena hauls him in. However, Morrison perseveres, hitting a springboard flying kick on Miz and a standing Flux Capacitor on Cena. Miz comes back and powerbombs Morrison into the cage. Cena then grabs Miz in the STF. Miz crawls toward the floor and almost makes it out but Cena pulls him back in and almost makes it out himself. Morrison goes up to the top of the cage and Cena joins him. They slug it out and Morrison kicks the door back into Miz’s face. Morrison stands on the door and ends up getting crotched. I don’t understand why he wouldn’t try to just drop to the floor. Miz pulls Morrison in the ring and Cena hits him with a monkey flip for a near-fall the crowd actually bough. Miz hits Cena with the mini DDT for two. He continues working on Cena, not noticing Morrison back on top of the cage. Once again Miz and Morrison slug it out on top of the cage. Miz almost makes it out but Morrison pulls him back in and knocks him down to the mat. Cena recovers and Morrison kicks him down as well, and then hits a modified Starship Pain to wipe out both of his opponents. Morrison tries to crawl out, but his nemesis R-Truth comes out and stops him! R-Truth gets in the cage and beats Morrison down. He also delivers the Corkscrew Scissors Kick to Cena. Truth then hits Morrison with What’s Up before exiting the cage. All three men are down. Miz and Cena are up first and climb to the top of the cage to wage war. They go down to the top rope and Miz tries the Skull Crushing Finale but Cena reverses to a super Attitude Adjustment to get the pin and win the title at 19:52! The action never stopped throughout the match and the finish was neat. R-Truth’s interference made sense too.
Rating: ****


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