Biggest Knuckleheads

Biggest Knuckleheads

MATCH #1: Chavo Guerrero vs. Hornswoggle, Raw, 7.13.09

Chavo is competing with one arm tied behind his back here. He gets down on his knees and mocks Hornswoggle, trying to choke him. Hornswoggle bites Chavo and then avoids his attacks. He runs from Chavo and then kicks him in the face before hitting a seated senton. Hornswoggle executes the Stink Face but when he goes for the Bronco Buster Chavo gets a boot up. Chavo tries a suplex but Hornswoggle wraps him up in a small package to get the pin at 2:05. This was just nonsense.
Rating: DUD

MATCH #2: Mean Street Posse vs. The Stooges, Raw, 5.10.99

The Posse is represented by Rodney and Pete Gas. They meet the Stooges on the floor and the brawl is on. Rodney throws Patterson into the ring post to take him out. In the ring the Posse double-teams Brisco. Even at the disadvantage Brisco does a pretty good job fighting off Shane McMahon’s childhood friends. The numbers game is too much though and the Posse takes control. Patterson makes his way back in the ring and his fire gives the Stooges control of the match. The Stooges whip the Posse into each other. Brisco hits Gas with a suplex and Patterson throws Rodney to the floor. Back in the ring Brisco locks on a Figure-Four Leglock and Patterson puts on a Boston Crab for the simultaneous tap out at 2:09. The finish got a monster pop, and if I Remember right this segment delivered a ridiculously high rating. It was good fun.
Rating: *

MATCH #3: Spirit Squad vs. DX, Saturday Night’s Main Event, 7.15.06

The Squad are the World Tag Team Champions at this point but the titles are not on the line here. Shawn Michaels and Mikey start the match. The Squad immediately uses their numbers advantage to work Michaels over in their corner. They try to use their megaphone but Michaels gets a hold of it and cleans house. The Squad tries to regroup on the floor so HHH blows an air horn in their ears. Back in the ring Michaels drills Mitch with Sweet Chin Music for the first elimination at 1:19. They take a commercial break and when we come back DX is still dominant. Triple H hits Johnny with a spinebuster to eliminate him at 1:44. Kenny battles Michaels but quickly bails and tries to walk to the back. Michaels follows him up the ramp and Mr. McMahon appears from out of nowhere to blast Michaels with a chair. Kenny brings Michaels back to the ring and now the Squad is in control for the first time. Nicky traps Michaels in a sleeper. Kenny goes up top but misses the guillotine legdrop. Michaels makes the tag and HHH is a house afire. HHH dominates and eliminates Nicky with a Pedigree at 5:08. Michaels hits Mikey with Sweet Chin Music and HHH pins him at 5:31. Kenny is all alone now. HHH bodyslams him and Michaels goes up top to hit the flying elbow drop. DX tuns up the band and Michaels hits Sweet Chin Music. HHH follows with the Pedigree and DX has a shutout win at 6:26 (shown). DX just BURIED the tag team champions there. This was just an exhibition of DX moves.
Rating: *½


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