Viva La Raza: The Legacy of Eddie Guerrero

Release Date: November 11, 2008

~DISC 1~

MATCH #1: ECW World Television Championship Match – 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Eddie Guerrero, Hardcore TV, 4.8.95

They both stall a bit to start and then lock up and take it to the mat. They trade maneuvers back and forth, with Guerrero the challenger looking the stronger of the two. He knocks Scorpio to the floor and generally controls the action. He hits a brainbuster and goes up top. He hits the Frog Splash but Scorpio actually kicks out. Scorpio makes a comeback with a Japanese armdrag and some various kicks. He dumps Eddie to the floor and whips him into the guardrail. Scorpio suplexes Eddie back into the ring for two. Guerrero counters by hitting a low blow and a clothesline. Scorpio rolls to the floor and Eddie leaps off the top rope onto the TV champion on the concrete floor. Eddie hits a cradle suplex for two. He follows with a wicked tornado DDT, once again for two. Scorpio recovers and tries going to the top rope but Eddie knocks him down and hits a rana off the top for two. He tries another one and Scorpio blocks it and hits a cross body for a near fall. Scorpio hits a moonsault for two. He follows with a powerbomb. He then goes up top and hits the Tumbleweed. He very clearly pulls Eddie’s shoulder up at two but Joey Styles is trying to say that Eddie kicked out. Scorpio hits another superkick. He whips Eddie into the ropes, and Eddie is able to trap Scorpio in a victory roll to get the pin and win the ECW TV Title at 14:49. That was like a lot of ECW matches in which someone gets pulverized with finishers and then gets a rollup out of nowhere for the pin. The action was fine and Eddie looked motivated, but the weirdness of Scorpio pulling Eddie’s shoulder up definitely hurt the match, and Scorpio looked kind of lost after that.
Rating: ***

MATCH #2: ECW World Television Championship Match – Eddie Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko, Hostile City Showdown, 4.15.95

This is just a week after Eddie won the title, so I would imagine this is his first defense. Both men are aggressive in their early mat wrestling. Malenko is a former TV champion. They wrestle to standoff and the crowd cheers, and 13 years later Indy guys still do that spot. Malenko gets control and goes after the ankle. Eddie tries going after the arm. Something happens in the crowd and the mongoloids get distracted and start chanting “throw him out.” They battle for control and Eddie is able to hit a uranage, body slam, and a slingshot somersault onto the challenger for two. Malenko comes back and gets the first sustained advantage, working over Eddie’s knee. He comes back after several minutes of abuse, getting a sunset flip for two and a powerbomb for two. He follows up with the Tornado DDT but Malenko kicks out at two. Eddie hits a rana off the top rope and hurts his own knee in the process. Malenko once again kicks out at two. Eddie tries something complicated and Malenko blocks it and they take a tumble to the floor. Eddie tries to suplex Malenko back in the ring but Malenko reverses it and suplexes Eddie to the floor. He tries a slingshot tope and misses it, hurting his own knee. Eddie goes to the top rope and hits a cross body. Both men are down outside the ring now. Back in the ring Malenko hits a brainbuster but Eddie blocks a second attempt and hits one of his own. He hits a perfect Frog Splash but Malenko kicks out. Malenko comes out of an Irish whip into the buckle and hits a Northern Lights Suplex for two. He looks for the Texas Cloverleaf and Eddie gets to the ropes. He tries it again and Eddie once again gets to the ropes. Malenko hits a double underhook powerbomb and tries the Cloverleaf again, and this time Eddie rolls him up for two. Eddie hits a springboard rana for two. A backbreaker also gets two. He puts on the Gory Special, uncalled by Joey Styles, and rolls him into a pinning combo, and they trade roll up variations for a series of two counts and the crowd is collectively going in their pants. Eddie tries going up top and Malenko stops him and looks to be going for an Electric Chair Drop but Eddie counters to a sunset flip for a very near fall. The bell rings at 25:56, which according to ECW is close enough to the 30-minute time limit and the match is a draw. Funky math aside, this was an awesome match with great selling and all kinds of stuff you don’t see most guys even trying today. Friends definitely bring out the best in each other.
Rating: ****¼

MATCH #3: Eddie Guerrero vs. Shinjiro Otani, Starrcade, 12.27.95

We’re in Nashville, with Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan, and Dusty Rhodes on commentary. Otani wears no knee pads, which just looks awkward. It doesn’t matter, as he’s still able to outwrestle Eddie in the early going, attacking the arm. The winner of this match gives his promotion a 3-2 advantage. Eddie comes back and rakes his boot across Otani’s face. Otani comes back and locks a submission hold on Eddie’s leg. They trade control and Eddie is able to hit a rana and Otani powders. Back in the ring Eddie stays in control. He puts on a Boston Crab. Otani reaches the ropes, so Eddie pulls him out and powerbombs him for a close near fall. Eddie hits a brainbuster for two when Otani gets his foot on the ropes. Otani comes back with a springboard missile dropkick, and then hits a dive to the floor. Back in the ring he goes to work on Eddie now. He hits him with a German Suplex for two, and Dusty and Bobby want Tony to just call it a suplex. What? Otani continues to unleash awesome offense as Dusty rambles. Shut up Dusty. Otani goes up top and Eddie is able to hit him with a rana. That gets two. Eddie follows up with Splash Mountain for two. Otani comes back with a leg submission and Eddie gets to the ropes. The fight goes to the floor and Eddie bodyslams Otani on the floor and hits a springboard twisting body press. Otani is able to suplex Eddie back into the ring and he tries to clear the cobwebs. He ties a springboard missile dropkick to the back. They trade pinning combinations and Otani is able to hold Eddie down in a sunset flip to get the win at 13:43. Eddie was just flying all over the place and Otani has all kinds of cool offense and they just clicked together and the crowd got into it.
Rating: ****

MATCH #4: United States Heavyweight Championship Match – Ric Flair vs. Eddie Guerrero, Hog Wild, 8.10.96

Flair won the U.S. Title from Konnan on 7.7.96. He’s accompanied to the ring by Woman and Elizabeth. Flair tries to intimidate Guerrero early, but Eddie will have none of it. He’s still relatively new in WCW at this point so he looks fired up like he’s got something to prove. Flair eventually does take control and picks Eddie apart. Eddie comes back and knocks Flair to the floor. Flair gets back in and Eddie clotheslines him over the ropes again. Eddie waits for him to get back in the ring and goes to work on him. Flair comes back with a low blow behind the referee’s back. Eddie comes back and he works on Flair’s legs, even putting on Flair’s own Figure-Four Leglock. Flair reaches the ropes. Eddie stays in control and hits the Tornado DDT and Flair sells it awesomely. They trade control back and forth and Eddie even cheats to combat the dirtiest player in the game. Eddie hits a Frog Splash, but that hurts his own knee and he can’t make a cover. Flair gets up and levels Eddie with a clothesline and puts on the Figure-Four. Woman grabs Flair’s hands to give him extra leverage, and Eddie can’t lift his shoulders and gets pinned at 14:17. I recently read Eddie’s book and he was not particularly happy with this match, but I enjoyed it. Their styles at this point didn’t mesh as well as say Eddie and Otani, but it worked to a certain degree and Eddie looked good and Flair cheating to win is always fun.
Rating: ***½

MATCH #5: United States Heavyweight Championship Match – Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Jericho, SuperBrawl VII, 2.23.97

Eddie won the U.S. Title back at Starrcade ‘96. The commentators barely talk about the match, instead focusing on the upcoming main event of Hulk Hogan versus Roddy Piper. The challenger Jericho controls most of the first few minutes. Eddie comes back and hits a powerbomb for two. He follows that with a brainbuster and goes up for the Frog Splash. Jericho avoids it and Eddie changes his flight pattern. Jericho hits a release German Suplex. They fight out to the floor and back in the ring, with no one staying in control for very long. Jericho hits a powerslam for two. They trade some more holds and Eddie holds Jericho down in a sunset flip to get the pin at 12:03. Jericho’s assertions of this being a great match are exaggerated, as he is known to do. It was fun, but the selling was spotty and the finish was weak. And of course the crowd being dead helped nothing.
Rating: ***

MATCH #6: WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match – Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio, Nitro, 11.10.97

This is about two weeks after their amazing match at Halloween Havoc ‘97, with Rey defending the title against the man he won it from. Eddie attacks Rey right away and gets a quick cover off a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Rey comes back with some of the high-flying stuff he used to be able to do a dozen years ago. They take a quick trip outside the ring, and once they’re back in Eddie comes back and hits a superplex for two. Rey comes back as this continues to be a very fast-paced encounter. A beautiful quebrada gets two for the champion. Tony keeps talking about how these two are already signed for a matchup at the upcoming World War 3 pay-per-view. That seems a little goofy to me. The commentators get distracted talking about the 60-man battle royal coming up on that show, but meanwhile these two are having a solid back and forth match. Eddie tries a powerbomb but Rey avoids it and leaps off the top rope and flips into a DDT. Rey goes to the apron and tries a springboard Thesz Press but Eddie catches him and stun guns him. He follows that up with the Frog Splash to get the pin and win the Cruiserweight title for a second time at 6:00. Dean Malenko comes out to stare at Eddie, and then leaves. Eddie and Rey were certainly limited by the short time span, but what they could do in six minutes back in 1997 was pretty impressive.
Rating: ***

MATCH #7: WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match – Eddie Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko, Starrcade, 12.28.97

I believe this match is included on the upcoming WWE Starrcade DVD set. Eddie has been champion since 11.10.97. The champion uses dirty tactics to take the first advantage but it doesn’t last long and Dean makes him pay with a series of right hands. It’s all Dean for the next several minutes, and the crowd is certainly behind him as they chant “Eddie sucks.” Eddie tries a rana off of a wrist lock but Dean powerbombs him and follows with an Alabama slam. A jackknife pin gets two, and Eddie escapes the predicament. Dean hits a powerslam for two. Eddie gets frustrated and powders. He comes back and takes a brief advantage until Dean suplexes him right onto the top rope. Eddie soon regains control and starts viciously working on Dean’s knee. Ultimo Dragon, Chris Adams, and Greg Valentine, Barry Darsow, Bobby Eaton, and more are in the crowd for some reason. Eddie hits a powerbomb for two. I guess they’re showing their WCW unity or something. They go back and forth, and Dean tries but can’t lock on the Texas Cloverleaf. Eddie goes back to the knee, and hits a nice Frog Splash right onto the knee and that’s enough to pin Dean at 14:57. The match was technically solid but the crowd wasn’t into it, the commentators ignored it, and the guys seemed not that excited to be opening WCW’s biggest show ever. Something was just off here.
Rating: **¾

MATCH #8: Eddie Guerrero vs. Ultimo Dragon, Slamboree, 5.17.98

Chavo’s Jr.’s freedom is on the line here. They mat wrestle to start, trading holds back and forth. Ultimo does more high flying stuff and Eddie does more stalling stuff. Ultimo slows his attack and goes after the leg, putting on a half Boston Crab and a variation of the Muta Lock. They go back and forth some more, with the match briefly going to the floor. Chavo acts as a cheerleader for Ultimo Dragon, since he really wants his freedom from his mean uncle. Ultimo tries a Dragon Sleeper, which Eddie reverses to one of his own. He tries to use the ropes but Chavo stops him, and they argue. Ultimo tries to kick Eddie but winds up hitting Chavo instead, and Eddie is able to hit a brainbuster. He follows up with the Frog Splash for the pin at 11:08. I never really understood the appeal of Ultimo Dragon, and I think this was during a period where Eddie’s work wasn’t his best. It was very storyline intensive, although I don’t really get where Ultimo Dragon’s involvement came from. Chavo is angry, and at first goes after Eddie, but then decides to attack Ultimo.
Rating: **¼

MATCH #9: Juventud Guerrera vs. Eddie Guerrero, Nitro, 8.3.98

Juventud starts off on fire, throwing punches and chops at Eddie, who comes back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to slow the smaller Juventud. He comes back by knocking Eddie to the floor and hitting a dive over the ropes. Back in the ring Juventud whips Eddie into the corner and comes charging in. Eddie alley-oops him face-first into the top turnbuckle. Juventud comes back with a DDT for two, and then hits a springboard dropkick. He tries the Juvi Driver but Eddie counters to a shoulderbreaker. That gives him the chance to climb to the top rope and deliver the Frog Splash to get the pin at 4:13. That was decent for the time given, as Juventud was actually on for a change and Eddie looked motivated.
Rating: **

MATCH #10: Psychosis vs. Eddie Guerrero, Thunder, 6.24.99

This isn’t Eddie’s actual return match, since he returned on Nitro against Juventud. Since they just showed a match with him I assume that’s why we get the Thunder match with Psychosis instead. Psychosis controls the early part of the match, hitting a few aerial maneuvers and throwing Eddie to the floor so he can hit a dive. Back in the ring the crowd chants “Eddie,” and he responds with a nice rana. Psychosis won’t feed his fire, so Eddie kicks him in the head and chokes him on the bottom rope. They go back to the floor and Eddie uses the ring steps to abuse his opponent. Back in the ring he hits the slingshot somersault and the crowd loves him. We take a commercial break and come back to Eddie with a leg submission on Psychosis in the center of the ring. Eddie continues to work over the ankle. Psychosis comes back and selectively sells his injury. He hits a spinning kick on Eddie to send him to the floor. He hits more leg based offense, which is pretty irritating. A top rope rana gets two for Psychosis. He goes up top for a cross body and Eddie steps out of the way and hits a sort of flapjack. He goes up top for the Frog Splash and gets the pin at 9:44. Psychosis’s selling was spotty at best, and Eddie showed signs of rust for obvious reasons. If it wasn’t his actual return match, why include it on this set?
Rating: *¾

~DISC 2~

MATCH #11: European Championship Match – Chris Jericho vs. Eddie Guerrero, Raw, 4.3.00

Jericho won the European Title the night before at WrestleMania 2000. Eddie cuts a promo on his way to the ring about how Chyna is here only to try and get some of his Latino Heat. They start off throwing hands and Jericho takes the first advantage. Eddie comes back with a clothesline and a dropkick to the head. He rakes his boot into Jericho’s forehead and hits a back elbow for two. He puts on the sleeper and Jericho is fading. He fights out and hits a back suplex. They get up and Eddie pokes him in the eyes. They fight to the floor and they show a brief second of something from backstage, which looks like some kind of transmission error. Back in the ring Eddie stays in control. Jericho comes back with a powerslam for two. He continues going to work, hitting the bulldog for two. He hits a drop toehold and Eddie accidentally knocks the referee outside the ring. Jericho hits the double powerbomb and the Lionsault. Chyna tries to wake up the referee but can’t, so she makes her own unofficial three-count. She raises Jericho’s hand and then delivers a DDT. Chyna pulls Eddie on top of Jericho and wakes up the referee. Eddie gets the pin and wins the European Title at 5:38. That had a lot of energy for a short TV match and kicked off a fairly entertaining couple act for the rest 2000.
Rating: **½

MATCH #12: King of the Ring Qualifying Match – Eddie Guerrero vs. Matt Hardy, Smackdown, 6.8.00

I really like how obscure some of the matches they pick for these DVD sets are. They work quickly in the early going, exchanging holds and counters. Hardy targets the arm for a bit but keeps the pace of the match fast. He tries an early Twist of Fate but Eddie counters to a backslide for two. They trade pinning combinations for a series of two-counts. Eddie stops all that with a neckbreaker. He goes up top but Hardy stops him and hits a superplex. They trade maneuvers until Eddie connects with a rana off the second rope to get the pin at 4:10. That was another good, short TV match, in a style that you definitely don’t see on WWE TV today.
Rating: **¼

MATCH #13: WWE Intercontinental Championship Match – Rob Van Dam vs. Eddie Guerrero, Backlash, 4.21.02

King and JR have a funny exchange before the match, as King asks who the first guy to do the frog splash was, trying to insinuate that RVD copied it from Eddie. JR says the first guy he remembers seeing do it in WWE is D-Lo Brown. RVD has been the champion since 3.17.02. Eddie came back less than a month ago and was immediately placed into this feud. The match starts off quickly, with a flurry of offense by the champion. He scores several near falls in the early going. He makes his first trip to the top rope and Eddie knocks him down and tries a superplex. RVD counters by jumping to the floor and dropping Eddie’s neck across the top rope. He comes back in with a missile dropkick and hits the cartwheel moonsault (which JR mistakenly calls Rolling Thunder) for two. They both continue with pinning combinations and nothing but offense. Eddie rolls to the floor for a breather, and RVD hits a moonsault off the apron. He hits the spinning kick to the back of the head from the apron. Back in the ring RVD tries Rolling Thunder but Eddie gets his knees up. Eddie goes to work on the back now. He even uses the Gory Special, not called as such by JR or the King. He continues working on the back, and gets a couple of near falls in. He hits a couple of suplexes for two. He goes up top and RVD catches him with a couple of kicks, knocking him down. RVD looks to be going for a superplex but Eddie counters with a sunset bomb for two. I think this match was the first time I ever saw that move. RVD comes back with some kicks and RVD sends him to the floor. Eddie brings the Intercontinental Belt in the ring and the ref accidentally gets bumped. The challenger delivers a Frog Splash to score the pin and win the title at 11:43. That started off like the usually structured WWE match, and then stopped; in this case it would be for the better. RVD got his heat early on, Eddie cut him off and beat on him for a while and instead of RVD making a comeback and having there be some kind of goofy finish to ensure rematch Eddie scored a clean pin and won the Intercontinental Title.
Rating: ***¾

MATCH #14: WWE Intercontinental Championship Match – Eddie Guerrero vs. Jeff Hardy, Raw, 4.29.02

This would be the last ever WWF Intercontinental Title match, as Vince and company were forced to Get the F Out the next week on Raw. Eddie controls most of the early going until Jeff hits that clothesline that he does. He then delivers a nice head scissors, sending Eddie to the floor. Back in the ring Eddie regains control. Hardy gets a quick near-fall with that legdrop pinning combo, but Eddie kicks out and is right back on offense. He goes up to the top rope and Hardy stops him and hits a superplex. He gets a few moves in and heads to the top rope and a nice sequence of events leads to Hardy hitting the Whisper in the Wind but referee Charles Robinson got taken out by the move as well so he can’t make the count. Eddie goes out and grabs the belt and is able to hit Hardy in the face with it. He rolls him back in the ring and hits the Frog Splash to get the pin and retain the title at 6:50. Eddie was rockin’ it here, and Hardy stuck to what he knows best, which is selling. We can only imagine how good of a match these two could have today if Eddie was still alive; Jeff is so much better now than he was then.
Rating: **¾

MATCH #15: No Disqualification Match – Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero, Smackdown, 9.26.02

These two split singles matches at SummerSlam and Unforgiven, so this is the rubber match. This match is often mistaken for a ladder match, but it’s just no-DQ. I vividly remember watching this match in my dorm room at Western when Jimmy Jacobs’s brother was my roommate. I had been a fan of both guys for a while (Eddie in WCW, and Edge from The Brood) so the reports of this match’s awesomeness excited me. Eddie takes the early advantage, and Edge comes back with a powerslam. He heads up top and Eddie knocks him down and hits a superplex. Edge kicks out at two, but Eddie stays in control, wearing Edge down. Some in the crowd are actually chanting “boring,” which is strange because there’s barely been any resting in this match. Edge recovers and knocks Eddie to the floor and he grabs a ladder from under the ring. He charges at Eddie, who ducks, and Edge strikes the referee instead. That distraction allows Eddie to take control and whack Edge on the back with a steel chair. Eddie throws Edge back in the ring and hits him with the chair again. He goes up and tries the Frog Splash but Edge rolls out of the way and we go to a commercial.

We come back with a new referee and Eddie is pummeling Edge the corner. The poor first referee is still lying unconscious on the floor; I guess the medics are busy doing something else. Finally some other referees come out to bring him to the back. During the break Edge did hit a Spear for a near-fall. While we’re being shown that footage, Edge gains control and hits a face plant for two. Edge goes to the top rope but Eddie counters with a rana for two. Eddie works on the arm for a moment, and then goes up for another rana on a standing Edge, who counters to a powerbomb. Edge goes back to the ladder and brings it in the ring. Eddie dropkicks it into Edge’s face. He then goes out and gets his own ladder. He puts Edge between the two ladders and hits the Hilo on him, hurting himself a bit in the process too. He covers Edge on the ladder and only gets two. Undaunted, he sets up one ladder in the corner and goes all the way up. Edge recovers and meets him there. They slug it out and Eddie is able to hit a huge Sunset Bomb and the crowd gasps and then cheers. That’s a good sign. Amazingly, that does not end the match. Eddie charges and Edge backdrops him into the ladder that’s still set up in the corner. Ouch. Edge sets up the other ladder in the other corner and climbs it for some reason. Eddie meets him up there and they slug it out. Edge hits an unbelievably awesome Edgecution from the top to get the pin at 16:42. Wow, talk about a match that holds up six years after the fact. The crowd was a little tepid at first but they won them over by executing awesome spots without making them look contrived. Eddie got busted open on the last sequence from getting his head slammed into the ladder. They used the weapons to enhance the story they were telling, not as a crutch. These two were part of so many great matches in the year 2002 (particularly the latter half) and this was one of the best. It’s also one of the best matches in Smackdown history.
Rating: ****½

MATCH #16: WWE Tag Team Championship Match – Los Guerreros vs. Team Angle, Backlash, 4.27.03

Team Angle have been the champions since 2.6.03 and this is their second defense. The champions come out first, accompanied by a giant portrait of their leader Kurt Angle, who is at home recovering from the butt-kicking he received from Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XIX. Charlie Haas and Eddie Guerrero start the match with some back and forth chain wrestling. Eddie tags Chavo Guerrero in, and Haas responds by tagging Shelton Benjamin. Chavo is able to take control and the challengers control Benjamin, working over his arm in their half of the ring. Team Angle tries to use chicanery to take the advantage, so the Guerreros show them how it’s done. The champions eventually do take control and are able to isolate Eddie in their corner. Eddie takes several minutes of heat before finally making the hot tag to Chavo, who is el casa en fuego. The action breaks down to a brawl and the referee loses control. Chavo is almost able to pin Haas, but Team Angle out-cheats the challengers when they pull the Ultimate Warrior versus Rick Rude from WrestleMania V finish to retain the titles at 15:04. Eddie backdrops Chavo over the ropes onto the champions, and then they steal the belts on their way to the back. They get in their Low Rider and drive off. That was a solid opener, but the heat seemed to go on forever. Eddie was really starting to look like a star at this point.
Rating: ***¼

MATCH #17: Latino Heat Parking Lot Brawl – John Cena vs. Eddie Guerrero, Smackdown, 9.11.03

Cena cuts an awesome rap promo that proves that despite what some people would have you believe, Cena got himself over. Eddie comes charging in and this one quite obviously is just a fight. Cena is the first one to execute a hold: a suplex on top of a car. Various WWE Superstars are circled up around the fight. Cena goes into the back of a minivan and pulls out a lawnmower. Luckily for Eddie he avoids it, and also avoids Cena’s attempts to waste him with a shovel. They both use some of the cars to their advantage. Cena throws Eddie onto a windshield and gets a cover for two. He slams a car door on Eddie and gets another two. Eddie avoids another attack and throws Cena’s head through a window. Cena comes back and does the same. He appears to try driving away, but Eddie stops him. He slams his head into the steering wheel a few times and then burns him with the cigarette lighter. He gets windshield wiper fluid in Cena’s eyes. He charges Cena and gets back dropped on the hood of a car, and Cena gets two. Eddie comes back and hip tosses Cena onto the hood of a car. Chavo comes out and breaks a hubcap on Cena’s head, and Eddie hits the Frog Splash off the minivan to get the win at 8:12. That was a little goofy but in a very fun way. It was totally unique and they did some cool spots.
Rating: ***½

MATCH #18: Eddie Guerrero vs. Chavo Guerrero, Royal Rumble, 1.25.04

Chavo was resenting all the attention Eddie got while they were a tag team, and Eddie needed something to do before Brock Lesnar, so we have this match. Chavo is aggressive in the early going but Eddie is hesitant to unleash on his nephew. He’ll take an advantage and cheat a little bit, but he won’t let his fists fly. When the fight spills to the floor Chavo Classic has no problem interfering. Back in the ring Eddie once again resists throwing punches. Chavo has no such qualms. Eddie brushes off Chavo’s attacks and hits the Three Amigos. He follows that up with the Frog Splash for the win at 8:04. Classic tries to attack him but takes a punch to the face. Eddie almost leaves, but goes back and kicks Classic in the nuts and finally unloads with punches on Chavo. He ties Classic’s tie to the bottom rope and kicks away at him. He goes back and continues to bloody Chavo’s face, and he rips at his eyes. Michael Cole has a thing for talking about dastardly deeds as sins, and it’s kind of annoying. As far as the match goes, these two never had good chemistry as opponents. I think it might be due to the fact that Chavo is inferior to Eddie in every way and was never seen as on his level, so how could people get invested in a match between the two?
Rating: **

MATCH #19: WWE Championship Match – Eddie Guerrero vs. Brock Lesnar, No Way Out, 2.15.04

Lesnar has been the champion since 9.18.03, and this is his sixth defense. He overpowers Eddie to start and tries to intimidate him. He takes the advantage and throws Eddie around, showing his far superior strength. He gives Eddie three belly-to-belly suplexes, and Eddie takes his time recovering outside the ring. Lesnar continually kicks him back down to the floor. Eddie briefly attacks the leg, but the champion soon regains control and wears the challenger down. Lesnar tries a charging knee in the corner and Eddie moves, causing Lesnar to crash to the floor. Eddie follows him out with a plancha off the top rope. Back in the ring Eddie hits a back suplex, but Lesnar fights back and hot shots Eddie’s throat off the top rope. Eddie comes back with a leg submission and turns it into an STF. Lesnar escapes, but Eddie stays working on the big man’s wheels. The champ makes a brief comeback but the tenacious challenger goes right back to the leg. Eddie tries a missile dropkick and misses. Lesnar hits a suplex and then puts on a gut-lock. Eddie gets out of it and they trade control back and forth. He hits the Three Amigos and tries the Frog Splash but misses. Lesnar gets up and hits the F5, taking the referee out in the process so there’s no count. The champion goes outside the ring and grabs his belt. Before he can hit Eddie with it, Goldberg comes out and nails Lesnar with a Spear and everybody’s down. The crowd actually keeps chanting Eddie’s name, as they were more excited about Eddie maybe winning the match now than they were to see Goldberg. Eddie’s over, man. He grabs the title belt but Lesnar thwarts his attempts to hit him with it. Lesnar goes for the F5 but Eddie reverses it to a DDT right onto the belt. He goes up and hits the Frog Splash to score the pin and win the WWE Championship at 30:05.

What an amazing match, and a sad reminder of how great both of these guys were. While not as flawless as the Halloween Havoc ’97 match against Rey Mysterio, this is Eddie Guerrero’s finest match. The crowd was super hot for him and he wrestled an amazing match. Lesnar more than held up his end too, reminding me how great he got in such a short period of time. It’s a shame that they never got to do a rematch. I know most people say that the Chris Benoit versus Shawn Michaels versus Triple H match from WrestleMania XX is the 2004 Match of the Year, but I disagree. I’m pretty sure fellow Cool Kid Brad Garoon agrees with my disagreement.
Rating: ****¾

~DISC 3~

MATCH #20: WWE Championship Match – Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio, Smackdown, 3.18.04

Eddie has been the champion since 2.15.04 and this is his third defense. It’s just four days after he defeated Kurt Angle at WrestleMania XX. Rey earned this shot by surviving through a gauntlet match earlier in the night, beating the Big Show and Shelton Benjamin. Rey gets the first takedown, but Eddie comes back and works on the headlock. Rey comes back with a rana for two and a sunset flip for two. A headscissors sends the champion to the floor, where he regroups. Back in the ring the tempers flare and they slap each other. Eddie goes back to the arm, which apparently was worn down in one of his earlier matches. Rey keeps fighting back, and is able to wrap his legs around Eddie’s shoulders and flips him to the floor. He follows with an amazing Asai Moonsault off the top rope to the floor. I wish he could still do stuff like that. We go to commercial.

When we come back they’re up on the top rope and Eddie hits a superplex. That gets a two-count. He tosses Rey to the floor and lets the referee make the count. Back in the ring Eddie hits the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Eddie locks on an arm submission hold which Rey is able to counter to a small package for two. The champion continues to work on the arm. Rey comes back with the springboard seated senton and a tornado DDT for two. Eddie comes back and hits the Three Amigos but misses the Frog Splash. Rey hits the 619 and tries to Drop the Dime, but Eddie rolls him up to score the pin and retain the title at 13:36. It’s astonishing how many great matches Eddie had on free TV. Eddie and Rey, unlike Eddie and Chavo, always had great chemistry and seemed to effortlessly produce great matches. This one had a very simple story and they executed it very well.
Rating: ****¼

MATCH #21: WWE Championship Match – Eddie Guerrero vs. John “Bradshaw” Layfield, Judgment Day, 5.16.04

Eddie has been the champion since 2.15.04, and this is his sixth defense. JBL cuts a promo before the match, and says it will be in English, so for those that don’t speak it, find the nearest American and ask them to translate it for you. He goes on with the anti-immigration gimmick, which is pretty entertaining.

JBL caused Eddie’s mother to have a heart attack several weeks prior, so Eddie is pissed and dominates the opening minutes. They go in and out of the ring, and while outside the ring JBL throws Eddie into the steps and now he goes to work on the champion. Back in the ring he continues to wear Eddie down with a headlock. Eddie almost makes a comeback and arm drags JBL to the floor. He tries to follow him out with a cross body, but JBL catches him and hits a fall away slam. Eddie gets up and tries to charge and Bradshaw backdrops him onto the Spanish announce table. Back in the ring JBL works over the arm and the midsection, using a bear hug to help himself with that. Eddie avoids JBL’s finishers and starts to fire up, and then accidentally runs into the referee, taking him out. They fight back to the floor and Eddie throws JBL behind the announce table. Eddie tries to revive the referee, and when he goes over to JBL, he gets WASTED with a steel chair and is instantly bleeding buckets. JBL hits him with the ring steps and brings the match back in the ring. He hits a huge Clothesline from Hell, but there’s still no referee to count. A new referee comes down to count and Eddie actually kicks out at two. JBL tries another Clothesline from Hell but nails the new referee. He instead nails Eddie with a sick powerbomb and the original referee is up and makes the count. Eddie kicks out at two! He Hulks Up and reverses a Last Call attempt into a swinging DDT. I can’t believe how much blood he’s lost. He goes up for the Frog Splash and misses. JBL goes outside the ring and throws a chair in. He also has the belt though, and when the referee removes the chair he tries to hit Eddie with the belt. Eddie stops him with a low blow, and then waffles the challenger in the face with the belt and the referee calls the DQ at 23:12.

Opinions on this one are pretty divergent, but I think it’s a great match. The finish is definitely cheap and lame and I think Eddie could have gone over in a fashion that would have lent itself to a rematch without resorting to that (something like Savage versus Flair at WrestleMania VIII). After the bell Eddie continues to beat on JBL with his fists and his belt. He goes to the floor and JBL rolls out as well. Eddie gets a steel chair and cracks JBL in the head with it. They roll back into the ring and Eddie delivers one more chair shot to the head. He then hits the Frog Splash, and even continues to fight JBL up the aisle. He celebrates back in the ring. I’m pretty sure that’s the sickest blade job ever in WWE (narrowly defeating Undertaker’s at No Mercy 2002).
Rating: ***¾

MATCH #22: Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship – Eddie Guerrero vs. JBL, Smackdown, 7.15.04

JBL won the title on 6.27.04, and this is already his second defense. Eddie is the aggressor early on, wanting to regain the title he feels like he lost unfairly. JBL is able to counter him and is the first man to use the cage as a weapon. He tries to escape early but Eddie pulls him back to the ring. JBL comes back and hits the Last Call. He tries to crawl over the top again but Eddie stops him. He slams JBL’s head into the cage and finds himself on the top rope. He goes for the Frog Splash and JBL moves out of the way. JBL tries to climb out again and Eddie crotches him on the top rope and gets a two-count. He gets JBL up and delivers the Three Amigos. Eddie goes up top and this time JBL knocks him down and delivers a superplex. We go to commercial.

Back from the break the WWE Champion is still in control. JBL comes off the ropes and Eddie hits him with a dropkick. Eddie delivers a blatant low blow and gets a cover for two. JBL fights back with a spinebuster and gets his own near fall. He tries climbing out again but Eddie goes up and hits him with a super Russian legsweep. They get up and JBL is able to utilize the sleeper, while choking him with his wrist tape. Eddie pulls a Bret Hart and runs JBL into the cage to escape the hold. He runs JBL’s face into the cage again and gets a near fall. He charges at JBL with the running something and gets back dropped into the cage. The champ gets a near fall. They get up and trade punches, and JBL comes off the ropes with the Clothesline from Hell but Eddie kicks out! We take one more commercial break.

We’re back and JBL is trying to crawl out of the cage again and Eddie stops him. JBL comes back and tries the Last Call, which Eddie reverses into a Tornado DDT. That gets two. Eddie then tries to climb out, and JBL comes up to bring him back into the ring. He follows up with a vicious powerbomb and Eddie kicks out again! JBL climbs up to the top and Eddie kicks him down to the mat. He climbs to the top of the cage but instead of climbing down to the floor and winning the match he delivers a huge Frog Splash from the top of the cage. Eddie is hurt as well, so it takes him a while to crawl over for the cover. When he does, JBL kicks out at two. They get back to their feet and JBL hits a DDT and goes to climb over the cage again. Eddie gets up and meets him at the top and they slug it out. All of a sudden the masked El Gran Luchadore comes out and holds Eddie’s legs while JBL climbs down and gets the win to retain the title at 21:04. The match was pretty great for TV, but I think the finish was a bit unnecessary. Luchadore climbs over the top of the cage and Eddie tries to bring him back to the ring but is only able to take his mask off, revealing Kurt Angle!
Rating: ***¾

MATCH #23: WWE Championship Series – Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle, Smackdown, 4.14.05

This is part of a series to decide the first contender to John Cena’s WWE Championship. They take it right to the mat to start, with the crowd firmly in support of Eddie. Cole and Tazz talk about “kinks” in the armor of Kurt Angle, when they mean to say “chinks,” which they probably don’t say because of the whole racial slur connotation. Eddie controls the early going, and Angle takes a powder to regroup. Back in the ring Eddie still maintains control, and starts working on the arm. Eddie hits the Three Amigos as Michael Cole says that there’s no hockey in Chicago, so what the hell happened to the Blackhawks? Anyway Eddie tries the Frog Splash but sees Angle rolling out of the way so he somersaults, Angle goes to the floor, and we go to commercial.

We’re back to Angle in control, working over Eddie with European Uppercuts and punches. Angle tries the Angle Slam but Eddie reverses to a rana for two. The referee gets bumped on the kick-out, so Eddie goes to the floor and brings in a chair. He tries to frame Angle for using it, but Angle is able to toss the chair to the floor before the ref sees it. Unfortunately for him the ref sees it on the floor at ringside and questions Angle about it, and Eddie seizes the opportunity with a rollup for two. Eddie tries quickening the pace but Angle cuts him off with a suplex. He’s back in control now. Eddie almost makes the comeback but Angle hits a release German suplex for two. They battle on the ropes and Eddie tries the Frog Splash but Angle gets his knees up for a near fall. They take another commercial break.

We come back once again to Angle in control. Eddie comes back and tries Three Amigos, but on the third one Angle hits the Angle Slam and Eddie kicks out! Angle pulls the straps down and Eddie gets an inside cradle for two. Eddie gets a schoolboy rollup for two. Angle comes back and hits three rolling German Suplexes, which gets two. He tries another Angle Slam and Eddie counters it. He hits all Three Amigos this time and goes up top. He hits the Frog Splash and Angle kicks out. Eddie is frustrated and Angle grabs the Ankle Lock. He escapes and pulls Angle’s tights down, and gets a cradle for two. Angle comes back and locks on the Ankle Lock. Eddie rolls through and Angle runs into the referee, knocking him to the floor. Angle tries to use a steel chair but Rey Mysterio runs out to stop him and takes the chair away and when Eddie recovers he thinks Rey is going to hit him with it. They argue and Angle is able to slam run the chair into Eddie’s head. He tosses Rey out and pins Eddie at 18:31. Eddie had so many great TV matches it’s scary. The finish on this one seemed a little silly, but they were really building the tension between Eddie and Rey leading up to Eddie’s heel turn, so it worked. These two just had amazing chemistry, and it’s nice that WWE won’t ignore Kurt Angle matches just because he’s a crazy lunatic hack now.
Rating: ****

MATCH #24: Steel Cage Match – Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero, Smackdown, 9.9.05

This is the standard “pinfall, submission, or escape to win” cage match. Theodore Long and Palmer Cannon are in a skybox hanging out with Christy Hemme and Stacy Keibler. They show a quick video package highlighting this feud. It started off very strong with just the competitive spark setting Eddie off, but when they started the stuff with Dominic it fizzled. This is from Smackdown’s Friday night debut show, and Rey is 7-0 against Eddie this year.

They start throwing punches right away and Eddie immediately throws Rey into the side of the cage. He gets Rey in a powerbomb position and runs his head into the cage a few times. Rey comes back with his agility and sets up for a 619 and then realizes that the cage prevents him from doing that move. Eddie climbs up the cage and Rey hits a nice sunset bomb. Rey climbs up now and Eddie grabs him and pulls him down, causing Rey to awkwardly bend his knee on the top rope. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Eddie is climbing the cage. Rey goes up to stop him, and winds up taking a side Russian legsweep all the way down to the mat. They get up and Rey charges. Eddie tries to throw him into the cage but Rey hangs on and tries to climb out. Eddie stops him and they battle on top of the cage. Rey gets both his legs over and Eddie is hanging on. He pulls Rey back in and Rey almost punches Eddie right off the cage. They get back down on the top rope and Rey hits a sweet dropkick and both men fall to the mat. Eddie gets up and hits a DDT and tries to escape out the door. Rey pulls him back in. We go to another commercial.

This time when we come back Rey is climbing up the cage. Eddie goes up and tries a powerbomb, but Rey wriggles out and tries to climb over the cage. Rey gets back in the powerbomb position and hits a rana, possibly hurting his knee in the process. He slowly tries to climb out, and kicks Eddie back down to the ring. He tries a cross body off the top of the cage and Eddie moves. Eddie walks out the door and could have had the match won, but instead he goes back in and hits the Frog Splash to get the pin at 11:07. That’s a good finish. They did some cool stuff with the cage and Eddie was such a great heel, which helped make this yet another good Eddie TV match.
Rating: ***½

MATCH #25: World Heavyweight Championship Match – Batista vs. Eddie Guerrero, No Mercy, 10.9.05

Batista has been the champion since 4.3.05 and this is his seventh defense. This was when Eddie was playing a heel while trying to convince everyone he was really a babyface. It’s also Eddie’s last pay-per-view match.

Eddie tries to outwrestle the champion early, and the champion uses his power to combat him. They engage in a test of strength, which obviously goes Batista’s way. Eddie climbs the ropes and kicks his way out, only to get slammed back down to the ring. He rolls to the floor to take a breather. Back in the ring the champion takes control for a bit with a headlock and Eddie uses his quickness to escape the hold. Batista regains control and throws Eddie around, causing the challenger to roll to the floor again. Eddie picks up a steel chair but decides not to use it. Batista is angry anyway and tries to bring Eddie into the ring by the throat. Eddie counters by dropping Batista’s neck on the top rope and hits a Frog Splash to the back. That gets a near fall and Eddie goes to work now. He puts on a half Boston Crab and Batista reaches the ropes. Eddie detaches the tag rope from the corner and like with the chair then decides not to use it. He locks on a body scissors and Batista actually reverses it into a bearhug. Eddie escapes and kicks Batista in the face, which only makes him mad. He charges and Eddie dropkicks his knee, and then sort of tries to put on the Texas Cloverleaf. Batista gets a small package out of it for two. Eddie accidentally knocks the referee down and hits a DDT on the champion. He gets a mischievous look on his face, knowing he can cheat without getting caught now. He brings the chair in but once again decides not to use it. Batista sees it and once again gets mad, so he starts throwing Eddie around. He hits a Spear and shakes the ropes. He goes for the Batista Bomb and Eddie slips out and tries a sunset flip. Batista blocks that and hits a spinebuster. He crawls over to make the cover and Eddie kicks out. Batista tries to drop an elbow and he somehow hits Eddie’s knees. Eddie hits the Three Amigos. He’s technically the heel here but the crowd loves him. He tries the Frog Splash but Batista moves and he rolls through. Batista catches him with a spinebuster to get the pin at 18:39. They had a couple of awkward looking spots right near the end there, but mostly that was a good back and forth match. I think they could have done better in a rematch with Eddie as an all-out heel. I’m not sure what’s up with Batista going over on his setup move either. Eddie extends his hand and Batista shakes it.
Rating: ***¼

BONUS MATCH: Eddie’s Final Match – Eddie Guerrero vs. Mr. Kennedy, Smackdown, 11.11.05

This match aired two days before Eddie’s death and it’s for a spot on Team Smackdown at the upcoming Survivor Series. Eddie takes Kennedy down to the mat to start and outwrestles him in the early going. Kennedy slaps Eddie in the face, and then gets poked in the eye for his troubles. It’s all Eddie now, as he even cheats a little bit to maintain the control. Kennedy comes back by pulling Eddie face first into the second turnbuckle, and then he hits a face wash. That gets a two-count. Kennedy tries to use a hammerlock, but Eddie fights out and hits a back suplex. He follows up with Two Amigos, but Kennedy counters the third. He then charges the corner and eats a back elbow. Kennedy comes back with fists and then Eddie accidentally whips Kennedy into the referee, knocking him down. Eddie goes to the floor to get a chair. He makes the referee thing Kennedy hit him with it, and thus Eddie wins the match by disqualification at 5:01. He joins Batista, Rey Mysterio, and Bobby Lashley on Team Smackdown. The match was too short to really get going, but they seemed to work well together.
Rating: **¼


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