Extreme Rules: ECW

ECW Extreme Rules

DVD Release Date: January 30, 2007

~Disc 1~

MATCH #1: ECW Championship Match – Sandman vs. Cactus Jack, Hardcore Heaven, 7.1.95

Sandman has been the Champion since 4.15.95, and this is his eleventh defense. He has Woman in his corner. Cactus has barbed wire wrapped around his arm. Sandman has one Singapore Cane and he has Woman hold the other. He’s able to blindside Cactus with the cane and deliver several shots with his favorite weapon. Sandman throws Cactus to the floor and then wipes him out with a dive. Back in the ring Sandman misses a shot with the Cane and Cactus hits a DDT. Cactus delivers several shots with the Cane and they head back to the floor, where the challenger uses a steel chair to his advantage. Back in the ring Sandman commandeers the chair and reclaims the advantage. Sandman goes back to using the Cane, making sure to hit the barbed wire covered arm. Woman takes cheap shots when she can. Sandman hits a DDT on the chair. He eventually follows with a surprisingly nice slingshot legdrop for two. Sandman slams Cactus and hits a terrible looking guillotine legdrop for another two-count. Woman brings some barbed wire out as Sandman hits a piledriver on the chair. Sandman grabs the barbed wire and wraps it around himself. He goes up top and hits a splash. Sandman charges and Cactus backdrops him to the floor. Cactus grabs the chair and hits the Cactus Elbow. He whips Sandman into the barricade. Back to the ring Cactus pulls Sandman’s t-shirt over his head, and setting a steel chair on his face. Cactus comes off the second rope with a legdrop for a two-count. He continues the abuse, even locking on the Mandible Claw. Woman comes in the ring and hits Cactus with her Cane, and Cactus shoves her down. Sandman comes back and knocks Foley down, and then takes the referee down as well. Shane Douglas shows up for some reason to drop an elbow on the referee. Douglas then hits Sandman with a piledriver. He grabs the microphone (of course he does) and taunts Sandman, and then decks Cactus with the Cane. Sandman rolls over for the cover and gets the pin at 13:08. That was pretty much garbage from start to finish, with Cactus doing his best to reign Sandman in, but Sandman was just too terrible for that to happen. Also, Cactus took over a dozen cane shots throughout the match from Sandman, but one from Douglas is enough to put him dowm for the count? That makes no sense.
Rating: *½

MATCH #2: Steel Cage Weapons Match for the ECW Tag Team Championship – The Gangstas vs. The Eliminators, Natural Born Killaz, 8.24.96

New Jack and Mustafa have been the Champions since 8.3.96, and this is their third defense. The fight starts on the floor and they make their way into the crowd. That doesn’t last long and they make it to ringside and Saturn is the first one in the cage. Saturn immediately goes to the top of the cage and wipes everyone out with a dive, including his own partner. Kronus and Mustafa get in the ring to brawl while New Jack and Saturn continue to fight on the floor. Saturn and New Jack decide to climb over the cage to enter it, and Saturn leaps down with a flying clothesline. It’s jus trandom brawling from all four men, who find themselves busted open. Saturn his Mustafa with a splash from the top of the cage. New Jack brings in a garbage can and waffles Kronus with it. More weapons get involved and the Gangstas take control because of it. Saturn once again goes to the top of the cage and hits an elbow drop on New Jack for a two-count. He goes back up for a leaping something and New Jack throws a garbage can in his face. New Jack brings in a computer keyboard, a unique weapon for sure. Kronus is a bloody mess. A masked individual climbs to the top of the cage with a guitar and busts it over New Jack’s head. It turns out to be Shane Douglas for whatever reason. Saturn goes to the top of the cage and hits a splash for a near-fall. The brawling continues without much rhyme or reason. Saturn goes to the top of the cage for the forty-eighth time and this time New Jack throws a trash can at him to knock him off the cage and through a table on the floor. New Jack hits Kronus with a chair-assisted splash from the top rope to get the pin at 15:00, give or take since I never heard an opening bell. That was more random garbage brawling, with the same stuff over and over for 15 minutes. It was not good.
Rating: ¾*

MATCH #3: Scaffold Match – Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Lee, High Incident, 10.26.96

Dreamer attacks Lee during his entrance and we’re off. They fight through the crowd and Dreamer is dominating. Lee fights back as they continue making their way through the sea of monsters in the crowd. Dreamer of course takes the nut shot on the guardrail that he insisted on taking every match. They brawl around ringside, with Lee punishing Dreamer and making his way to the top of the scaffold. Dreamer follows a little slowly since he’s been beaten up and bloodied already. Even so, Dreamer is able to deliver a low blow and a DDT on the scaffold. This is so dangerous. They continue to brawl and try to throw each other off the scaffold but both men are hanging on. Finally Dreamer punches Lee repeatedly to knock him off the scaffold and through a bunch of tables at 8:50. Scaffold matches are historically a pretty dumb idea, and this one didn’t do anything to change my mind. I’m sure there was a reason for it in the context of the feud, but watching it in 2014 it just seemed dangerous and silly. I can’t fault the effort of the wrestlers though, so there’s that.
Rating: *¾

MATCH #4: Stairway to Hell – Sandman vs. Sabu, House Party, 1.10.98

This is a rematch from November to Remember 1997, where Sabu beat Sandman in a table and ladders match. Stairway to Hell is like a ladder match, just with barbed wire hanging from the ceiling that you can go up and grab. Sabu has Bill Alphonso in his corner. Sandman of course starts the match with his signature Singapore Cane. Sabu attacks Sandman’s legs early, and uses the ladder as an effective weapon. Alphonso interferes within the first few minutes, and it’s all Sabu here. Sabu hits an Arabian Facebuster and then sends Sandman to the floor. He throws Sandman into the crowd. Sabu connects with Air Sabu and the crowd chants “ECW.” They fight through said crowd, with Sabu flying around and dominating. Sandman fights back and they do some hardcore spots that I’m just not interested in. Joey Styles, talented as he is, focused so much on calling moves that he neglected to talk about the story of the match that when trying to watch ECW so many years after the fact it’s hard for someone who didn’t religiously follow the product to get much out of it. Sandman is the firstone to climb up and grab the barbed wire, but Sabu pushes the ladder over and Sandman crashes through a table on the floor. Sabu tries a dive but Sandman moves and he hits nothing but barricade. Sabu legit broke his jaw there. Back in the ring Sandman wraps the barbed wire around the turnbuckles but he is the one who first ends up caught in it. Sabu uses his spike to abuse Sandman’s bloody forehead. They go back and forth with the barbed wire, and the Singapore Cane, with no one really holding the advantage for any sustained period of time. That changes when Sandman drills Sabu in the face with the Cane and busts his chin open. Alphonso tapes Sabu’s wound so that he can continue the match. That is just nuts. Sandman is a bloody mess. Sabu hits a Triple Jump Moonsault and then puts the barbed wire on Sandman’s face. He hits a guillotine legdrop and then goes for the Arabian Facebuster. Sandman gets hit with it but acts like he didn’t. He cracks Sabu in the face with the Singapore Cane to get the pin at 17:48. That was way too long for what they were going for, as none of the big violent spots really meant anything. Sabu is a tough bastard for continuing the match with a broken jaw, but it doesn’t really make the match any more interesting.
Rating: *¼

MATCH #5: Dudleyville Street Fight – Buh Buh Ray, D’Von & Big Dick Dudley vs. Sandman, Tommy Dreamer & Spike Dudley, Heatwave ‘98, 8.2.98

D’Von and Dreamer start the match. They go back and forth with some chain wrestling and pinning combinations for near-falls. Dreamer hits a hangman’s neckbreaker with D’Von hanging from the top rope, so D’Von crawls over and tags Buh Buh Ray. Spike wants in and the crowd wants him in as well. Everyone gets what they want and Buh Buh Ray throws him around. Spike tries to fight back but Buh Buh Ray flattens him with a powerbomb. The diminutive Spike gets tossed around and beaten down for a while. Buh Buh Ray misses a splash and then spike reverses a powerbomb into a hurricanrana. Spike hits a bulldog for two and Buh Buh Ray runs over to tag his father Big Dick. Sandman tags in as well, and things quickly spill to the floor, where all the partners get involved as well and it’s a real donnybrook. Buh Buh Ray and Sandman are the first two back in the ring but that doesn’t last. Spike climbs to the top of a ladder and wipes out all three of his opponents with a cross body block. Sandman traps D’Von under a ladder and delivers a senton. D’Von was busted open somewhere along the line as well. The brawling continues and Spike almost ends it with an Acid Drop on Buh Buh Ray but D’Von breaks up the cover. Sign Guy Dudley and Judge Jeff Jones interfere, and Dreamer makes Jones pay for it with a piledriver. All three Dudley Boyz get tied up in the Tree of Woe, and referee Jim Mollineaux helps Dreamer but Joel Gertner in the fourth corner. Dreamer, Sandman, Spike, and Mollineaux then deliver baseball slide dropkicks. That was cute. The parade of finishers begins, and Buh Buh Ray puts an end to it by cracking Sandman in the skull with a chair. Buh Buh Ray misses a splash on Dreamer and hits all ladder. Dreamer then hits a DDT to score the pin at 14:27. That was okay for a hardcore six-man tag, as it had some semblance of a story and a few cool spots.
Rating: **¼

After the match Dreamer is attacked by Jack Victory. New Jack comes out to make the save and he helps Dreamer, Sandman and Spike run the Dudleyz off. Victory then gets destroyed with a guitar shot.

MATCH #6: Extreme Death Match to unify the ECW and FTW Championships – Taz vs. Sabu, Living Dangerously, 3.21.99

Taz has been the Champion since 1.10.99, and this is his fifteenth defense. Sabu has been the FTW Champion since 12.19.98, but is not an official title. He is coming into this match with a broken jaw suffered at the hands of Taz via a clothesline. They start with some mat wrestling and that is an advantage for Taz. Sabu tries to protect his jaw, which of course Taz goes after. The resilient Sabu is able to fight back and whip a chair into Taz’s face. Sabu hits a one-man Poetry in Motion and Taz rolls to the floor. That proves to be no break for Taz, as Sabu dropkicks him into the crowd. Sabu goes for a dive but Taz gets a chair up in his face. They fight through the crowd and the monsters of course love it. After several minutes they make it back to ringside. Sabu sets a table between the apron and the barricade. Of course when they get in the ring Taz is able to suplex Sabu through that very table. Taz goes after the jaw, and Sabu fires back with a flying chair to the face. They take it back into the crowd and Alphonso throws a chair at Taz and gets chased away. Back in the ring Sabu goes on offense, locking on a Camel Clutch. Blood is pouring out of Sabu’s mouth. Taz sets up a table Sabu jumps off and hits Taz with a hurricanrana off the top rope. Sabu tries another hurricanrana but Taz catches him in a powerbomb. They go back to the floor and brawl some more. Sabu sets up a table across the barrricade. He tries an Arabian Powerbomb but it does not go well. Even so Sabu gets a two-count. Sabu puts Taz on the table and breaks it with a splash. That gets a two-count. Back in the ring Sabu covers again for two. Sabu hits an Arabian Facebuster for another near-fall. Taz comes back with a pumphandle Tazplex for two. Sabu hits a Triple Jump Moonsault for two. He continues flying around and Taz continues countering with suplexes. Taz sets up a table in the corner and hits a Tazplex that lands Sabu at a gnarly angle. That only gets two. Taz puts on the Tazmission and Sabu is done at 18:24. This was at least a nice change of pace from the other matches on the DVD, with less weapons but similar brutality. It was mostly a mess of spots, but at least there was intensity and the grudge felt real so it wasn’t just violence for the sake of it.
Rating: **½

MATCH #7: ECW Championship Match – Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka, ECW, 12.31.99

Tanaka has been the Champion since 12.24.99, and this is his first defense. Awesome charges before the bell and we’re off and running. He throws Tanaka around and clotheslines him to the floor. Awesome follows with a suicide dive. He sets up a table and goes for a powerbomb off the apron but Tanaka counters out with a back body drop. Tanaka hits a cross body block from the top rope and then whips Awesome into the guardrail. Tanaka then abuses Awesome with a chair. They spill into the crowd and the challenger regains control. Back in the ring Awesome drills Tanaka straight to the head with a steel chair twice, but Tanaka brushes it off. Awesome goes up top with the chair and Tanaka catches him coming down with a dropkick. Tanaka then brains Awesome with the chair. He grabs another one and spikes Awesome with a tornado DDT. That only gets two. Tanaka puts a chair on Awesome’s face and takes the other chair to the top rope with him for a flying elbow drop! Once again Tanaka gets a near-fall. Tanaka hits Diamond Dust for two. Awesome ducks a clothesline and hits a release German Suplex. He follows with a Choke Bomb and then a running Awesome Bomb but Tanaka kicks out. Awesome brings in another table and sets it up in the corner. They fight over who’s going through the table, and Awesome wins that battle with an Awesome Bomb! Still Tanaka kicks out! Awesome brings in another table and sets Tanaka on it. He goes up top and Tanaka joins him. Tanaka is able to hit a DDT through the table! That gets a two-count. Tanaka gets the roaring elbow for a near-fall. Awesome pulls Tanaka out of the corner with an Alabama Slam. He goes up top and hits the Awesome Splash for two! They fight up on the top rope and Awesome hits a Super Awesome Bomb! That’s enough to get the pin and regain the title at 11:49. I enjoyed that a great deal, as it was just two big heavyweights knocking the crap out of each other and trying to hit big moves that would keep their opponent down.
Rating: ***¾

MATCH #8: Tables, Ladders, Chairs & Canes for the ECW Championship – Steve Corino vs. Sandman vs. Justin Credible, Guilty as Charged, 1.7.01

Corino has been the Champion since 11.5.00, and this is his seventh defense. He has Jack Victory in his corner. Credible is accompanied by Francine. Corino and Credible attack Sandman right away and here we go. Their partnership is short-lived though, and soon everyone is attacking everyone. Corino is the first to use the ladder as a weapon, but it backfires when Credible throws it right back in his face. No one really has any sustained offense in the early going, it’s just a lot of brawling and getting thrown into ladders. Sandman makes the first attempt to climb the ladder and grab the belt, but Corino uses a kendo stick to knock him down. Credible does the Terry Funk whirly bird with the ladder, but Sandman puts a stop to that. Sandman goes back up and once again Corino knocks him down. Credible and Corino once again join forces to abuse Sandman’s junk area. Sandman fights back but Credible hurls him over the top rope and through a table on the floor. It doesn’t take long for Sandman to brush it off and get back in the ring, where Corino kicks him square in the nuts. Once again Sandman takes about five seconds to sell it and goes right back on the attack. Sandman goes after a bloody Credible and throws him off the apron through a table. He tries climbing after the belt again but Credible knocks him down. The ladder is all twisted and bent. Sandman and Corino are both messing with tables while Credible finds a new ladder. Corino is the first one to climb the new ladder, but Credible dropkicks him off and Corino lands face first on a chair. Sandman grabs Corino and climbs the ladder, which proves costly as Corino shoves him off, and he goes through a table on the floor. Back in the ring Corino catapults Credible into a ladder. Credible comes right back with That’s Incredible. Francine gives Sandman a hurricanrana from the apron. Sandman gets up in about a second so I don’t know what the point of that spot was. Sandman brings in a much larger ladder than the other two, and Corino and Credible take it from him and they start to climb. Credible and Corino battle each other while Sandman sets up a table. Sandman then knocks them both down with a kendo stick. Credible climbs up again and Corino follows. Corino pulls Credible down and they both crash through a table. Sandman then grabs the belt to become a four-time ECW Champion at 13:19. Once again the effort was there, but this was all spot spot spot with no seling or any kind of story besides “Sandman gets beat up a lot and then wins.” Not exactly compelling stuff.
Rating: **

~Disc 2~

MATCH #9: Dudley Boyz vs. Tommy Dreamer & Sandman, ECW One Night Stand, 6.12.05

Sandman busts himself open with a beer can during his entrance, as is custom. Before the match can begin, the bWo appears at the entrance ramp in full force. Big Stevie Cool, Hollywood Nova, and Da Blue Guy are here! Stevie says they’re taking over and drills Sandman with a superkick! The Dudleyz join in on the attack. Kid Kash comes out and quickly gets dumped to the floor. Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten are out next, each with a chair. They clear the ring and murder Nova with their chairs. The brawl spills to the floor and Kash comes back to wipe everyone out with a dive. All the extra participants brawl to the back, leaving us with just the scheduled four.

Weapons are in the ring right form the start, and Buh Buh Ray uses several of them to beat up on Dreamer, including a cheese grater. Dreamer is a bloody mess. D’Von makes his way back in and Sandman quickly follows with a ladder. Sandman gives Dreamer the ladder to do the Terry Funk whirly bird spot. More blood starts to flow as all four men continue to destroy each other with weapons. This is just like the original ECW and the crowd is eating it up. Dreamer and Sandman put the Dudleyz in simultaneous Figure-Four Leglocks, but Justin Credible and Lance Storm (The Impact Players) come out to break it up! Credible hits Sandman with That’s Incredible right onto barbed wire! Francine then comes out and kicks Dreamer square in the nuts. Dreamer’s wife Beulah McGillicutty comes to the rescue and it’s a CAT FIGHT! Credible pulls her off and holds her for Storm, but Beulah moves and Storm takes Credible out. Dreamer throws Storm out and then embraces his wife. They then hit a dual husband and wife DDT on the Dudleyz and each get a two-count. That’s cute. Things really get out of hand as the Dudleyz bring in a table and put Sandman through it with a powerbomb for a two-count. Dreamer comes back in with a Singapore Cane, but he gets hit with the 3D. Buh Buh Ray grabs another table and Spike Dudley makes his way out. Spike has lighter fluid, and they light the table on fire! Buh Buh Ray hits Dreamer with a powerbomb through the flaming table! That’s enough to get the pin at 10:15. The Dudleyz look to attack Beulah, but Sandman fights them off with the Cane. That wasn’t a classically “good” match, but it was the exact right match to put out there for the main event and they crammed as much ECW into it as they could.
Rating: ****

MATCH #10: Rey Mysterio vs. Rob Van Dam, WWE vs. ECW: Head to Head, 6.7.06

Mysterio is the current World Heavyweight Champion but the title is not on the line here. They start with some fast paced chain wrestling and come to a standoff. The back and forth continues, and RVD scores first with a press slam into a standing moonsault. RVD celebrates too much and Mysterio goes for the 619. Luckily RVD moves out of the way, but when he tries a springboard Mysterio dropkicks him to the floor. Mysterio tries a baseballslide but RVD catches him and drops him on the barricade. RVD foolishly goes for a legdrop but Mysterio avoids it and RVD hits the floor hard. Mysterio goes back to the ring and leaps right back out with a springboard dive! That’s a good time to take a commercial break. When we come back they are in the ring and RVD has regained control. RVD sets Mysterio on the top rope and lands a super superkick. He follows with a slingshot legdrop on the apron. That gets a two-count. RVD goes outside and brings in a chair, dropkicking it into Mysterio’s face for another near-fall. He whips Mysterio into the corner and goes for the monkey flip onto the chair, but Mysterio avoids it and hits a bulldog from the second rope onto the chair for a two-count. Mysterio goes outside to Drop the Dime but RVD avoids it and Mysterio lands on the chair. RVD sets the chair on top of Mysterio and hits a Five-Star Frog Splash to get the pin at 7:42 (shown). That was quite the sprint between two guys with a similar style that work well together. Mysterio moved the chair at the last minute, not sure if that was the plan all along or not. RVD looks strong heading into his match with John Cena on the PPV. Mysterio does not, but he’s only wrestling Sabu, so whatevs.
Rating: ***¼

MATCH #11: Extreme Rules Match for the World Heavyweight Championship – Rey Mysterio vs. Sabu, ECW One Night Stand, 6.11.06

Mysterio has been the Champion since 4.2.06, and this is his fifth defense. Both men have chairs in their hand to start the match, but the referee makes them put them down before he’ll ring the bell. They start with some nice respectful chain wrestling. It doesn’t take too long for the chairs to get invovled, and both men swing at each other but hit nothing except the other’s chair. Mysterio charges right into a back body drop, and then Sabu hits Air Sabu. The crowd chants ECW as Sabu goes for the Triple Jump Moonsault, but Mysterio hits a drop toehold onto a chair. Mysterio then jumps off the chair to deliver a hurricanrana. He tries the 619 but Sabu avoids it and hits a low dropkick. Sabu then throws a chair at Mysterio’s face to send him to the floor. The maniacal Sabu sets up a table between the apron and the barricade. Sabu sets Mysterio on the table and goes to wipe him out with a dive, but Mysterio moves and Sabu hits the barricade. Mysterio slams Sabu’s head off the steps and they head back inside the ring. He hits a beautiful moonsault press for a two-count. Sabu comes back with more of his contrived offense. He puts on the Camel Clutch and then just lets it go. Sabu grabs more tables, and then hits Mysterio with the Arabian Facebuster for two. He goes back to the floor and sets up one of his tables. It backfires when Mysterio puts Sabu on the table and takes him out with a springboard seated senton. That looked cool. Back in the ring Mysterio Drops the Dime and gets a near-fall. A series of reversals ends with Sabu hitting a springboard leg lariat and then the Triple Jump Moonsault for two. Sabu goes for the Arabian Facebuster but Mysterio avoids it. Mysterio sets Sabu on the chair and goes for a seated senton but Sabu moves and Mysterio hits nothing but chair. Ouch. Sabu then whips the chair at Mysterio’s face, sending the Champion back to the floor. He follows, setting Mysterio on the table and hitting a triple jump DDT! Both men are out of it, and the medical team comes out to check on them. The head doctor declares that neither man can continue, so I guess it’s a no-contest at 9:08. While that was certainly sloppy in spots, it was also tremendous fun while it lasted. It was all spots and no story, but some of those spots were really cool, and it was a very different style for WWE’s version of Rey Mysterio and that made it memorable.
Rating: ***½

MATCH #12: Mixed Extreme Tag Team Match – Mick Foley, Edge & Lita vs. Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk & Beulah, ECW One Night Stand, 6.11.06

Both Foley and Edge cut brilliant pre-match promos. Even Lita gets in on the action. Styles points out that Edge and Foley are both former WWE Champions, while Dreamer and Funk are both former ECW Champions. Dreamer and Edge start the match. They do some perfunctory chain wrestling and Dreamer gains an early advantage so Edge tags out to Foley. Dreamer responds by tagging in Funk. Funk wastes no time in slapping Foley around, and Foley tries to bail. The match breaks down at this point, with Funk fighting Foley on one side of the ring while Dreamer and Edge battle on the other. They make their way back to the ring and the pro-ECW team is firmly in control; both of the women watch from the apron. They’re back to the floor in short order, where Edge reverses the momentum on Dreamer, and Foley is unleashing right hands on Funk. Edge introduces a ladder to the match, ramming it into Dreamer’s face. He goes for a Spear but Dreamer avoids it and hip tosses Edge onto the ladder. Funk then recreates the Barely Legal spot with the ladder. Dreamer and Funk set the ladder up and Funk goes up for the Moonsault. Edge pushes the ladder over and Funk crashes into the mat. Dreamer goes for the Dreamer Driver on Edge, but Lita breaks it up with a low blow. Edge and Foley double-team Dreamer now, with Funk in rough shape on the floor. They bring out some plywood, and then more plywood covered with barbed wire. Foley and Edge use the barbed wire against Dreamer, but then Funk comes back in the ring and turns the tables on them. Dreamer recovers and sets the plywood up in the corner. The crowd chants for fire. Foley blocks an Irish whip into the wood, but winds up getting tossed into it soon after. Outside the ring Edge drops Dreamer nuts-first onto the guardrail. Foley comes back and throws the board onto Funk. Lita gets more barbed wire and Foley wraps it around his arm. Foley assaults the bloody Funk with the barbed wire, and Funk is doing his awesome crazy old man selling. For those wondering, Terry Funk is awesome. Officials come out and bring the injured Funk to the back, leaving the pro-ECW team at a disadvantage. The crowd chants for Sandman, and I imagine that the place would have erupted had he actually showed up. Foley brings in the barbed wire baseball bat, and Lita leg drops it right into Dreamer’s balls. Beulah looks concerned but won’t fight for her man. Foley brings out Socko and puts it on Beulah! Dreamer briefly fires up, since it’s his wife and all, but the odds are not in his favor. Foley then puts Socko on Dreamer, and Edge hits a Spear. With Dreamer out of commission they turn their focus to Beulah. Edge gets her in the pump handle position as Lita taunts her. Terry Funk returns with his head all bandaged up, sporting a barbed wire 2×4, and distracts Foley and Edge long enough for Dreamer to hit simultaneous low blows. Lita rightfully runs from Funk, who hits both Edge and Foley with the wood. They do a cut away shot here, Funk must have had trouble lighting the 2×4. He hits Foley with it, sending him crashing off the apron and into the barbed wire plywood. Edge then knocks Funk on top of Foley, and they’re tangled together in barbed wire. Back in the ring Dreamer hits a DDT on Edge and then wraps the barbed wire around his neck. Lita comes in to save him and Beulah finally gets in the ring and we have the classic ECW Cat Fight. Dreamer grabs Lita and hits the Dreamer Driver on her and then does the Raven pose with Beulah. That gives Edge the chance to hit Dreamer with a barbed wire assisted Edge-O-Matic. Then, just to be a super dick, he hits Beulah with a Spear and pins her with the most sexually suggestive cover of all time at 18:46. The look on Edge’s face just before he hit the Spear was priceless. Actually Beulah’s face just before getting hit was great too. The match was brutal and sick and awesome, definitely one of the best matches ever at One Night Stand.
Rating: ****¼

MATCH #13: Extreme Rules Match for the ECW Championship – Rob Van Dam vs. Big Show, ECW, 7.4.06

RVD has been the Champion since 6.1.06, and this is his first defense. He tries to use his quickness to avoid the massive challenger in the early going, but it doesn’t work and Show throws RVD to the floor. Show follows him out and tries to javelin toss RVD into the ring post, but RVD slips out and shoves show into said post. RVD then tries a moonsault off the barricade, but Show sweeps his leg and RVD falls on his nuts. Show takes control now, beating RVD up in the first few rows of fans. RVD fights back and drapes Show across the barricade, and leaps off the apron with his spinning legdrop. That’s a good time for a commercial break. When we come back, they are in the ring and Show is in control. RVD fights back with the springboard thrust kick. He goes back to the top and Show knocks him down. Show brings RVD down with a superplex for a two-count. The gargantuan challenger goes to work on RVD, wearing down his back. RVD tries fighting back but runs right into a Chokeslam attempt, which he reverses to a DDT. The Champ continues with the offensive flurry, hitting Rolling Thunder for two. RVD goes up top for the thrust kick but Show catches him and dumps him to the floor. Show tries to use the ring steps but RVD delivers a drop toehold. RVD goes up top and Show catches him again and rams him into the ring apron. Things get extreme when RVD brings in a chair, but Show prevents him from using it and hits a Chokeslam! RVD kicks out a two! Show then takes the referee out with malice. He goes for a powerbomb but RVD brings the chair up with him and cracks Show in the head with it. RVD hits the Van Daminator and Show is down. He goes up top and hits the Five-Star Frog Splash btu there’s no referee. Paul Heyman runs down to make the count but he stops at two. RVD is confused, and that allows Show to brain RVD with the chair. Show then hits a Chokeslam right on the chair, and Heyman counts the pin at 14:46! That was an okay David versus Goliath match, but nothing out of the ordinary or anything. I wonder if this was the plan all along, or the decision was made after RVD got in a little trouble with John Q. Law.
Rating: **½

MATCH #14: Extreme Rules Match for the ECW Championship – Big Show vs. Ric Flair, ECW, 7.11.06

Show has been the Champion since 7.4.06, and this is his first defense. This is Flair’s first ever appearance in an ECW ring. Show uses his size and power to control the early moments, sending Flair to the floor and sending the audience to a commercial break. When we come back they are in the ring trading strikes. Show ends that battle with a press slam. A succession of headbutts and right hands busts Flair open, and Show is all over it. Flair goes to the floor and brings out a garbage can full of weapons, but Show throws him back him back in the ring before he can use any of them. Show continues to dominate, flattening Flair with a powerslam. Finally Flair is able to make the comeback with a couple of blatant low blows, and then a couple of kicks straight to the gonads. Flair grabs a barbed wire baseball bat and unloads on Show with it, really getting into the ECW spirit. Show is busted open now as well. Flair continues the assault with a trash can, and then a steel chair to knock Show off his feet. He covers but only gets two. Flair spreads out a bag of thumbtacks, and uses a chair to fell the Champion right back into the tacks. That just angers the Champion, who fires up and drops Flair with a Chokeslam. Show then hits the Cobra Clutch backbreaker, and keeps Flair in the hold to get the win at 9:03 (shown). That was a pretty wild brawl, with Flair throwing everything he had at the Extreme Giant. It had a lot of bells and whistles, but it worked in this case and was a good first defense of the new ECW Title for Show.
Rating: ***½

MATCH #15: Ladder Match to Determine the No. 1 Contender for the ECW Championship – Sabu vs. Rob Van Dam, ECW, 8.16.06

Sabu tries to immediately whip a chair at RVD, but these two know each other well so RVD is able to avoid it. They commence with the back and forth wrestling, with RVD seeming to be a step ahead in the early going. They battle up on the top rope, and RVD actually tries to leap off the top rope and bring the contract down. He doesn’t even come close and looks silly for trying. Sabu clotheslines RVD to the floor and follows him out with a dive. He messes around with ladders but accomplishes nothing, and they head back to the ring. Sabu hits a tornado DDT and then goes back after the ladder. RVD wipes Sabu out with a dive right onto the ladder and we go to commercial. When we come back RVD has Sabu draped over the barricade and he hits the spinning legdrop. Back in the ring Sabu dropkicks RVD low and hits an Arabian Facebuster on the ladder! Sabu then puts on the Camel Clutch and then tries to climb the ladder but gets knocked off. He tries a Triple Jump Moonsault with a ladder on its side, and just guess how that turns out? What a stupid idea. RVD hits a spinning legdrop and then monkey flips a ladder right into Sabu’s face. That’s unique. RVD sets Sabu on the ladder and goes for Rolling Thunder but Sabu moves out of the way. Sabu then lands the Triple Jump Moonsault and goes for another Arabian Facebuster on the ladder but RVD avoids it. RVD climbs up the ladder and Sabu pulls him down. Sabu then simply throws the ladder at RVD for fun. RVD catches Sabu charging in with a big boot, and he goes up top to land the Five-Star Frog Splash. Sabu rolls to the floor. RvD climbs up the ladder and the ECW Champion Big Show runs out and slams RVD through a table at ringside! Show calls for the contract to be lowered so he can grab it. Sabu leaps off the top rope and lands on Show’s shoulders, and that’s high enough to grab the contract at 10:35 (shown)! Show assaults both men after the match because he’s angry. This was a fun car crash of a match, with both guys looking equally stupid at different points of the match for trying things that obviously would not work. The finish was pretty contrived, but at least they were going for something unique.
Rating: ***¼

MATCH #16: Extreme Rules Match – Rob Van Dam & Sabu vs. Test & Mike Knox, ECW, 9.5.06

Test and Knox have Kelly Kelly in their corner. Sabu and Knox start the match with some mat wrestling. Knox uses his power to take the advantage, but Sabu fights back with a clothesline off the second rope. RVD tags in and he gets caught in the wrong corner. Meanwhile, Sabu is fiddling with a table and a chair on the outside. Things quickly get out of control and all four men brawl in the ring. Test and Knox use their power but RVD and Sabu are tenacious. RVD battles Knox and Test on the apron, and Sabu wipes them all out with a dive that sends everyone crashing through the table at ringside. We go to commercial, and when we come back Sabu is going for a Triple Jump Moonsault but Test grabs his leg and Sabu hits face-first on the chair. Test hits a Chair Slam for two and then whips Sabu to the floor. RVD comes back in and throws a chair at Test, and then hits a chair-assisted dropkick in the corner. He goes up top but Knox knocks him down. Knox brings RVD down with a superplex. Sabu this Knox with an Arabian Facebuster for two. He puts Knox in the Camel Clutch and then RVD dropkicks a chair into his face. Sabu covers but Test breaks it up. The resilient Sabu hits Test with Air Sabu and the Triple Jump Moonsault for a near-fall. RVD and Sabu bring a table in the ring and lay Knox on it. They both go up top and hit guillotine legdrops to break the table, and that’s enough for Sabu to get the pin at 9:45 (shown). That was non-stop action and a good clash of styles for the two teams.
Rating: ***¼

MATCH #17: Extreme Rules Match – Rob Van Dam vs. Hardcore Holly, ECW, 9.26.06

They start off fast and furious and that’s a pace that suits RVD just fine. It doesn’t take long for the battle to spill to the floor, where Holly fights back. RVD is able to drape him over the barricade though, and he delivers the spinning legdrop off the apron. RVD brings out a table and that gives Holly time to recover. Holly whips RVD into the steel steps and then the ring post. Back in the ring Holly keeps up the pressure and cuts off RVD’s comeback attempt with a boot to the face. Holly keeps beating RVD down and they take the fight to the apron, coincidentally the apron where RVD previously set up a table. They battle on the apron and Holy is able to suplex RVD over the ropes and through the table, but when Holly landed on the table he suffered a nasty gash across his back. That instantly makes this match memorable. Back in the ring Holly slams RVD chest first on a sitting steel chair. Ouch. That only gets a two-count. Holly puts the chair over RVD’s face and hits a legdrop from the second rope. RVD is able to kick out once again. Holly goes for a suplex but RVD reverses it and Holly’s back lands right on the chair! RVD builds momentum with a series of strikes and a monkey flip. He goes up top and hits the leaping thrust kick. RVD grabs the chair and hits the dropkick in the corner. He sets the chair on Holly and hits Rolling Thunder for two. RVD sets up for a monkey flip onto the chair, but Holly counters with a powerbomb for two! Holly tries to follow up but RVD kicks him square in the forehead. RVD puts the chair over Holly and goes to the top for a Five-Star Frog Splash, but Holly throws the chair into his face! Holly covers but only gets two. He tries the Alabama Slam but RVD avoids it. Holly picks up the chair instead and RVD hits the Van Daminator! RVD goes up top and hits the Five-Star Frog Splash! That’s enough to finally get the pin at 14:40 (shown). That was defintiely a highlight of the revamped ECW, and a really good match from out of nowhere. The back blood certainly helps, as it’s a pretty rare beast, but these two put on a pretty classic fight, just throwing everything they had at each other. This is one of Holly’s best matches for sure.
Rating: ***¾


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