The World’s Greatest Wrestling Managers


DVD Release Date: Tuesday, June 6, 2006

MATCH #1: Capt. Lou Albano vs. Arnold Skaaland, MSG, 12.19.77

Albano stalls so Skaaland decks him to get things underway. Skaaland lands another shot and Albano takes a powder. Back in the ring Albano strikes Skaaland from behind with a foreign object he had hidden in his tights. Albano uses the weapon several more times, making sure to keep it hidden from the oblivious referee. Finally Skaaland is able to fight back and take control of the foreign object. Albano does just about the most blatant blade job I’ve ever seen in my life as Skaaland continues to hammer away. The Captain simply walks away and Skaaland gets the countout win at 4:35. That was positively brutal and Albano’s blade job was embarrassing.
Rating: DUD

MATCH #2: Weasel Suit Match – Bobby Heenan vs. Greg Gagne, AWA, 8.17.80

We’re joined in progress here and Gagne is dominating. Heenan takes a cheap shot to try and stall Gagne’s momentum. He hits Gagne with the cast he’s wearing on his hand for a two-count. Heenan continues to use his cast-based offense to keep Gagne grounded. Gagne comes back with a shoulderblock but he didn’t have much momentum behind him there. Back on their feet Gagne hits a few strikes and puts the Sleeper Hold on, but Heenan uses his cast to break it and gets another two-count. Gagne fires up and hits a nice pair of dropkicks that sends Heenan shoulder-first into the ring post. He goes to whip Heenan off the ropes and the referee gets knocked down. Heenan takes another shot with the cast for a near-fall. He argues with the referee, allowing Gagne to hit an ugly cross body block from the second rope to get the pin at 6:19 (shown). Heenan knew how to bump and the crowd was super into this, so it was fun. I also grew up just outside of Minneapolis so watching old AWA footage always brings a smile to my face.
Rating: *½

MATCH #3: Tuxedo Match – Jim Cornette vs. Paul E. Dangerously, The Great American Bash, 7.23.89

Cornette attacks first and rips Dangerously’s jacket off. Dangerously comes back with a handful of powder to the face. He uses his gigantic cell phone to beat on Cornette’s famously injured knees. Dangerously stays focused on the knee, and then chokes Cornette with his cummerbund. Cornette briefly fires back but Dangerously cuts him off and spits on him. They head to the floor and Dangerously throws Cornette into the ring post. Back in the ring Cornette is looking worse for wear. Dangerously actually tries an elbow drop but Cornette moves out of the way. Cornette Hulks Up and unleashes a series of right hands. He rips Dangerously’s shirt off, and then throws him off the ropes and they knock each other down. Dangerously tries to use more powder but this time Cornette kicks it back in his face. Cornette rips the pants off and wins the match at 6:28. I don’t really get the appeal of two dudes ripping each other’s clothes off, but the crowd was going nuts for this, so bully for them.
Rating: *


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