Saturday Night’s Main Event #32

wrestlemania 22

Cobo Arena – Detroit, Michigan – March 18, 2006

MATCH #1: RAW Main Event vs. SmackDown Main Event – Triple H & John Cena vs. Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio & Randy Orton

Cena and Orton start the match and they go back and forth briefly. Orton makes a blind tag to Angle, who comes in and unleashes a release German Suplex. Angle follows with a belly-to-belly suplex and then knocks HHH off the apron for fun. He goes for the Angle Slam but Cena avoids it and hits a spinebuster for two. HHH tags in and there is still smoke from the entrances hanging around, which would seem to obscure the view of the ring. Angle catches HHH with some rolling German Suplexes and then tags Mysterio, who comes in with a springboard seated senton. Mysterio follows with a sunset flip for two and a backslide for two. HHH jabs his thumb into Rey’s eyes and tags out. Cena overpowers Rey but then gets hit with a dropkick. HHH tries to interfere but Rey delivers a headscissors and then dropkicks for everyone. Rey tries the 619 but HHH pulls Cena out of the way and clobbers Rey with a clothesline. Time for a commercial break.

Back from the break and HHH is still in control. Out on the floor HHH throws Rey into the barricade. Back in the ring HHH covers for two. HHH hits a spinebuster for another near-fall, this one broken up by Angle. The Game stays on the attack though and locks on a sleeper. HHH puts Rey on the top rope and Rey knocks him back. Rey comes down with a nice moonsault and both men are down. Tags are made and Cena tears into Orton with clotheslines and a shoulder block. Angle gets knocked off the apron. Cena hits Orton with the Proto-Plex and the Five Knuckle Shuffle. He hits the F-U but HHH breaks up the pin and hits his own partner with the Pedigree! HHH drapes Orton’s arm over Cena but Rey breaks up that pin! That angers HHH, so he goes back to the ring and hits Rey with the Pedigree! Angle clotheslines HHH to the floor and then Orton this Angle with the RKO! Orton tries the RKO on Cena but Cena counters with a rollup to get the pin at 9:41 (shown). That was a unique tag team match and all five guys brought the goods. This was ridiculous fun.
Rating: ***¼

MATCH #2: Trish Stratus & Mickie James vs. Victoria & Candice Michelle

Candice poses to start so Trish takes advantage. It doesn’t take long for Victoria to cheat to give control to her team. Victoria tags in and hits the slingshot somersault legdrop for two. She uses a front facelock and Trish is able to power over and make a tag but the referee was too distracted by Candice’s cans to see the tag. Victoria and Candice try a double suplex but Trish counters to a simultaneous DDT. Back on their feet Trish does the Matrix to avoid Victoria and then hits the Stratusfaction to get the pin at 2:40. That was about what you’d expect for a sub-three minute match. Mickie never even tagged in, but she does attack Trish after the bell to set up their match at WrestleMania 22, so the match served a purpose.
Rating: *

MATCH #3: Street Fight – Shawn Michaels vs. Shane McMahon

Michaels attacks Shane up by the Titan Tron and catches him off guard. The Heart Break Kid wastes little time bringing out the weapons, cracking Shane’s back with a steel chair. He brings out a table and goes for a whip, but Shane reverses it and Michaels crashes head-first into the ring post. Shane brings out another table and then a ladder. He picks Michaels up and rams his back into the ring post. Shane gets in the ring and sets up a ladder as Mr. McMahon sets Michaels on the two tables. Michaels delivers a thumb to his boss’s eye and then climbs up the ladder with Shane. They trade a few punches back and forth and then Michaels delivers a superplex through the two tables! That’s a man-sized bump for both guys right there, and a good time to take a commercial break.

Back from the break both men are in the ring and slugging it out. Michaels has the advantage and hits a bodyslam. He sets up the ladder and climbs to the top. Mr. McMahon hits Michaels in the back with a kendo stick and Michaels crumples to the mat. Shane uses the ladder to further injure Michaels’ back. He also rams it into Michaels’ face, which only gets a two-count. Shane goes back to work on the back. Michaels is able to fight back so Mr. McMahon distracts him and Shane hits a DDT for two. Shane then waffles Michaels in the face with a steel chair. Mr. McMahon produces a garbage can and hands it to his son. Shane sets it in then corner and his dad holds it in front of Michaels’ face. Unfortunately for the McMahons, HBK moves out of the way and Vince gets the trash can kicked into his face. Michaels fires back now and hits the flying forearm. He nips up and continues unleashing a flurry of offense. Michaels hits Hail to the King and tunes up the band. He hits Sweet Chin Music but Vince pulls the referee out of the ring! Michaels is pissed so he throws Vince into the ring. The distraction allows Shane to hit a low blow and then lock on the Sharpshooter. Vince orders the bell rung at 13:49 (shown). That was a really fun street fight and no one can say that both Vince and Shane never brought it. The finish was a little silly but I can see why they went with it to build heat for the Vince/Shawn match.
Rating: ***¼


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