WWE Divas Do New York: The Lingerie Edition

Divas Do New York

DVD Release Date: February 21, 2006

MATCH #1: Lingerie Pillow Fight – Christy Hemme vs. Candice, RAW, 5.16.05

They hit each other with pillows and the feathers start flying. Christy gets on the bed and Candice tips it over, sending Christy to the floor. Back in the ring Christy executes a sunset flip to get the pin at 1:12. I will admit it was a nice sunset flip.
Rating: ¼*

MATCH #2: Lingerie Pillow Fight – Christy Hemme vs. Stacy Keibler, SmackDown Taping, 8.23.05

Network Executive Palmer Cannon comes out and cancels the match. SmackDown General Manager decides that even if the match is “too hot for TV,” they can still have the match. The girls get on the bed and start pillow fighting. Stacy chokes Christy in the corner with her long leg. They go back to the bed and Christy gains the advantage. The feathers are flying. Christy gets the vaunted sunset flip for the hard fought win at 1:04. The usual, but again points for the sunset flip being pulled off nicely.
Rating: ¼*

MATCH #3: WWE Women’s Championship Match – Trish Stratus vs. Victoria, RAW, 9.26.05

Trish has been the Champion since 1.9.05, and this is her fourth defense. She has Ashley in her corner, while Victoria has Torrie Wilson and Candice by her side. Things start off fast and furious, with both women slugging it out. Trish gets a headscissors to send Victoria to the floor. Victoria is able to power Trish’s back into the ring apron, and then she throws Trish into the crowd. Trish gets up on the barricade and levels Victoria with a clothesline. She throws Victoria back in the ring and Torrie pulls Trish off the apron. That brings Ashley over to defend Trish’s honor. Victoria goes and retrieves Trish. She hits the somersault legdrop for two. Victoria puts on a Muta Lock just for fun. She hits the spinning side slam for another two-count. Trish reverses a whip but runs into an elbow. Victoria goes to the second rope and Trish tries to bring her down with a Stratusphere but Victoria blocks it and they both tumble to the floor. Back in the ring the punches start flying again. Trish hits a spinebuster for two. Victoria rakes the eyes and tries a clothesline but misses. Trish hits the Stratusfaction and Candice and Torrie run in to get Victoria disqualified at 4:37. They packed a ton of action into a short amount of time and the heat between the competitors felt legit. This match could have and should have been twice as long.
Rating: **½

The brawling continues and Ashley strips Candice down to her bra and panties. Candice is so humiliated (despite having posed in lingerie repeatedly), that she challenges Trish and Ashley to a Bra & Panties match next week.

MATCH #4: Three-on-Two Handicap Bra and Panties Match – Ashley & Trish Stratus vs. Candice, Torrie Wilson & Victoria, Monday Night RAW, 10.3.05

The heel trio knocks Trish off the apron before the match can even start, and that gives them a three-on-one advantage on the less experienced Ashley. With those kind of odds it doesn’t take long for Ashley to lose her shirt. Ashley fights back and relieves Victoria of her shirt. Victoria chases Ashley to the floor and Trish surprises Victoria with a clothesline. Back in the ring it’s two on two. Trish and Ashley remove Candice and Torrie’s shirts, and they’re halfway to victory now. Victoria gets back in the ring and swings the momentum back to her team. Trish goes for the Stratusphere and Victoria is almost able to remove her pants but Trish reverses it and takes Victoria’s pants instead. Ashley takes Candice’s pants off, and then Trish and Ashley take Torrie’s pants off to get the win at 3:37. That was the usual degrading nonsense.
Rating: ½*

MATCH #5: Six Diva Tag Match – Ashley, Trish Stratus & Mickie James vs. Candice, Torrie Wilson & Victoria, Monday Night RAW, 10.17.05

Since Ashley and Trish beat Candice, Torrie, and Victoria in a handicap match, they needed to have a rematch where the sides were even. That makes sense. Victoria and Trish start it out, and Trish strikes first with a Thesz Press. Trish executes the Jimmy Jacobs headscissors and makes the tag. Mickie is a little ball of energy but Victoria cuts her off with a clothesline. Victoria hits a backbreaker and then slaps Mickie’s face. Mickie comes back with a hurricanrana but doesn’t follow up and Victoria traps her in an inside cradle for the win at 1:47. They could have gone longer, as I liked the finish of Mickie being inexperienced and excited about teaming with Trish and it costing her the victory. But it’s not like they could do much in less than two minutes.
Rating: ¾*

MATCH #6: Santa’s Little Helper Match – Trish Stratus & Ashley vs. Candice & Maria, Tribute to the Troops, 12.19.05

Maria and Ashley start it off with some chain wrestling. For real. Maria trips Ashley up and covers for two. Candice tags in and asks to face Trish. When she gets Trish, she bails. Candice goes crowd surfing on the troops, but somehow doesn’t get counted out. Back in the ring Candice continues to stall, so Trish pushes her to the floor. Finally some contact is made as Trish gets Candice back in the ring and hits a Thesz Press. Trish mistakenly executes the Jimmy Jacobs headscissors on referee Chad Patton. He recovers pretty quickly. Moments later Trish hits the headscissors on Candice and then makes the tag. Ashley tries a charge in the corner but Candice slips over and rolls Ashley up with a handful of tights to get the win at 4:16. Not much going on there, but as long as the Troops were entertained who cares right?
Raring: ½*


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