WWE Divas South of the Border

South of the Border

DVD Release Date: April 27, 2004

MATCH #1: Paddle on a Pole – Torrie Wilson vs. Nidia, SmackDown!, 2.20.03

This match was actually set up due to the finish of a match on the previous Divas DVD. How’s THAT for continuity?!? Nidia takes the early control, impressing her boyfriend Jamie Noble, who is with her at ringside. Torrie fights back with a kick to the face and a swinging neckbreaker. She goes for the paddle and when Noble tries to stop her she clotheslines him off the apron. Torrie hits Nidia with a snap suplex and then has to knock Dawn Marie off the apron. Noble sneaks in the ring and seriously drops Torrie on her head with a powerslam. She could have been pretty badly hurt there. Nidia is able to grab the paddle and win the match at 1:51. Noble and Nidia join forces to abuse Torrie with the paddle until Funaki comes to the rescue. This was all just thrilling.
Rating: ¼*

MATCH #2: Battle Royal for the Women’s Championship, Raw, 6.30.03

Looks like Trish Stratus, Victoria, Ivory, Jacqueline, Molly Holly, the debuting Gail Kim, and of course Women’s Champion Jazz are participating in this battle royal. Jazz has been the Champion since 4.27.03, and this is her ? Defense. It’s the usual brawl to start and Jazz hits Ivory with a Glam Slam. Victoria drills Jazz with a kick to the face and Jazz rolls to the apron, apparently injured. Molly eliminates Ivory with a catapult. Victoria slams Trish and then Gail. Jazz gets helped out by officials so I guess she’s officially eliminated. Victoria eliminates Molly and then Jacqueline. We’re down to three. Victoria sends Trish to the apron and then catapults Gail into her to eliminate the former Women’s Champion. Now it’s just Victoria and Gail to decide the new Women’s Champion. They go back and forth briefly and Gail is able to eliminate Victoria with a headscissors to win the title in her debut match after a grueling 4:09. That was about what you’d expect for a four minute battle royal.
Rating: ½*

MATCH #3: Trish Stratus vs. Gail Kim & Molly Holly, Raw, 9.15.03

Molly is the current Women’s Champion. Trish attacks first, which is wise given the disadvantage she’s at. She’s able to thwart all of Molly and Gail’s attacks and scores a quick near-fall on the Champion. Trish hits Molly with the Stratusphere but Molly is able to pull Trish into the ropes and make a tag. Gail takes control and hits a nice legdrop off the second rope for two. Molly gets in on the action too and Trish is in trouble. Trish catches Molly with a spinebuster for a quick two-count, but Molly quickly cuts her off and they go back to work. Soon after Molly hits Trish with the Molly-Go-Round to get the pin at 4:06. That was a well worked handicap match that didn’t overstay its welcome.
Rating: *¾

After the match Molly and Gail continue the assault and even bring in some steel chairs. Before they can end Trish’s career, Lita comes running out (making her return after a year away due to injury) to make the save! Lita destroys Molly with a DDT and hits Gail with a ferocious powerbomb. She pulls her shirt off and hits Molly with the Twist of Fate. Then in a super dick move, Lita celebrates before checking on Trish.

MATCH #4: Steel Cage Match – Lita vs. Victoria, Raw, 11.24.03

This is the first women’s steel cage match in WWE that I can recall. Lita attacks right away and hurls Victoria right into the cage, repeatedly. She tries a DDT but Victoria blocks it and knocks Lita down with a shoulderblock. Victoria catapults Lita into the cage. She hits the spinning sidewalk slam for two. Lita fights back with right hands and a headscissors. She goes to climb out but Victoria is able to haul her back in and slam her down for a two-count. Victoria goes for the Widow’s Peak but Lita avoids it and clotheslines Victoria down. Lita tries to climb out again but she slips and looks to have landed awkwardly. Victoria tries to climb up but Lita knocks her down, only to then get hit with a Spear. Now Victoria goes up top and Lita pulls her down with a powerbomb. Both women are down. Lita goes up top and hits a moonsault to take Victoria out. When Lita tries to exit out the door, her ex-boyfriend Matt Hardy come down and slams the door on her head! That gives Victoria the chance to crawl out and win the match at 4:10. Hardy tries to further assault Lita but Christian comes out and runs him off. That was good and the crowd loved seeing the rarity of women in the cage. The finish was unfortunately weak but the bulk of the match was good for four minutes.
Rating: **¼

MATCH #5: Bra & Panties Match – Trish Stratus vs. Miss Jackie, Raw, 11.24.03

Rico is with Miss Jackie. Jackie attacks before the bell and here we go. She almost gets Trish’s pants off but Trish counters her and removes Jackie’s shirt instead. Jackie trips Trish into the bottom rope and chokes her with her shirt. She puts Trish in the Tree of Woe and removes her shirt. So both women are in bras now. Jackie goes to the second rope and Trish takes her down with the Stratusphere. Rico tries to interfere but Trish pulls him into the ring and yanks his pants off. He doesn’t seem to mind strutting around in his sparkly purple thong. Jackie accidentally kicks him and knocks him to the floor. Trish then pulls Jackie’s pants off for the win at 2:00 even. Well that was a match of all-time.
Rating: ½*

An angry Jackie goes over to ring announcer Lilian Garcia and rips her shirt off. Lilian gets angry right back and throws her shirt at Jackie. She then flaunts her wares to the appreciative crowd. Lilian is hot.

MATCH #6: Happy Holidays Match – Molly Holly, Victoria & Miss Jackie vs. Trish Stratus, Lita & Stacy Keibler, Raw, 12.29.03

But Christmas is already over! Victoria and Stacy start the match, and apparently there’s some kind of issue between them. Before much happens Victoria tags the Women’s Champion into the match. Molly tries to embarrass Stacy, but the former Ravens cheerleader is feisty. Stacy delivers a hair mare and makes the tag. Lita comes in and takes it to Molly. Jackie kicks Lita in the back from the apron to give her team control. Lita gets a quick O’Connor Roll and almost scores the victory. Molly continues the abuse but Lita gets a headscissors from out of nowhere and makes the hot tag. Trish comes in a house afire and takes Molly down with the Stratusphere. She follows with the Stratusfaction to get the pin at 3:21. That was adequate given the expectations of these types of matches.
Rating: *

MATCH #7: Jazz & Molly vs. Lita & Victoria, Raw, 1.26.04

Lita and Victoria have Stevie Richards with them, while Jazz and Molly have Theodore R. Long. Molly and Lita start the match with some chain wrestling. They take it down to the mat and Lita takes the early control. Victoria begs to be tagged in and Lita complies. Molly quickly exits and Jazz takes Victoria down to the mat. They manage to blow a sunset flip. Victoria hits a suplex and the standing moonsault for two. She goes off the ropes and Molly grabs her leg, allowing Jazz to hit a dropkick that sends Victoria to the floor. Richards comes over to check on her and make sure that Long doesn’t sneak in any cheap shots. Back in the ring Jazz hits a legdrop for two. Molly and Jazz isolate Victoria and keep her in their half of the ring. Eventually the tag is made and Lita is a house afire. Molly throws Lita back into her own corner, allowing Victoria to get the tag. Victoria unleashes on Molly and hits a powerslam for two. Lita and Jazz take it to the floor brawling. Meanwhile in the ring Victoria traps Molly in an inside cradle to get the pin at 5:55. That was a serviceable tag match between four of the most reliable women in the division around this time.
Rating: **


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