Trish Stratus: 100% Stratusfaction Guaranteed

trish stratus

DVD Release Date: September 23, 2003

MATCH #1: Mud Match – Trish Stratus vs. Stacy Keibler, RAW, 8.19.02

Keibler attacks Stratus from behind during her entrance and pitches her off the ramp and into the mud pool below. It doesn’t take long for referee Charles Robison to get thrown into the mud. They roll around and brawl awkwardly, and it’s a good thing they have physical differences or else it would be really hard to tell them apart because of all the mud. Eventually the “match” spills outside the pool and Stratus rolls Keibler up to get the pin. Surely Trish Stratus had better matches than this to put on a DVD?
Rating: ¼*

MATCH #2: Women’s Championship Chicago Street Fight – Trish Stratus vs. Victoria, RAW, 1.27.03

Victoria has been the Champion since 11.17.02, and this is her fifth defense. She attacks Trish on the ramp during her entrance with a kendo stick and drags her to ringside to choke her. That’s a great start. Trish reverses and fights back. She tries to whip Victoria into the steps but Victoria reverses and Trish crashes into the steps. Victoria and her man friend Stevie Richards celebrate briefly before Victoria goes back on the attack. She throws Trish into the crowd, but Trish responds with a kick to the face and a clothesline off the barricade for a two-count. Apparently this is also Falls Count Anywhere. Victoria fights back and throws Trish into the ring. She hits the slingshot flipping legdrop for two. Victoria misses a charge in the corner and her shoulders cracks against the ring post. Trish goes under the ring for some plunder and blasts Victoria in the face with a trash can lid. She gets two more lids and smashes them together on Victoria’s head. Trish sets up a trash can in the corner and appears to be going for a catapult but Victoria hits her with a trash can lid. Victoria puts Trish under the can in the corner and catapults her face first into it. She continues to abuse Trish with a trash can lid and covers for two. She goes to the second rope but Trish hits her with a lid and then connects with the Stratusphere for a near-fall. Trish kicks Victoria to the floor and follows her out with a Thesz Press. Back in the ring Trish hits a neckbreaker for a two-count. Stevie tries to interfere with a fire extinguisher but sprays it in Victoria’s face by accident. Trish kicks Stevie down to the floor and levels Victoria with the Chick Kick. Stevie makes the save. Trish makes him pay for it with a kendo stick. That gives Victoria the chance to nail a superkick but it only gets two! Trish goes for Stratusfaction but Stevie helps block it and send Trish to the floor. Victoria follows her out and gets the pin at 5:40. These two were great opponents and they really took it to each other – nothing looked weak or girly. They probably could have gone longer and done even better.
Rating: ***

MATCH #3: Women’s Championship Match – Trish Stratus vs. Jazz vs. Victoria, WrestleMania XIX, 3.30.03

Victoria has been the Champion since 11.17.02, and this is her seventh defense. She is accompanied by Steven Richards, in perhaps his biggest WrestleMania role ever. Jazz attacks both women right away and covers Stratus right away for two. She puts Stratus in the Last Chancery briefly. Jazz kicks Victoria off the apron again, which gives Stratus time to recover and hit a Thesz Press. The battle spills to the floor and Victoria is back in it. Victoria and Jazz double-team Stratus briefly, but Jazz quickly dissolves that partnership. The Champion is able to catch Jazz with a nice powerslam for two. Stratus catches Victoria in a prawn hold for two. Victoria cuts Stratus off with a clothesline. Jazz gets back in the mix as the pace continues to be fast and all three women try to stake their claim to the title. Stratus is on fire, nailing Jazz with the Chick Kick for a two-count. Victoria goes to the second rope and Stratus takes her down with the Stratusphere. Jazz grabs Stratus in a half crab and then turns it into the STF. The referee gets distracted by Victoria so Richards sneaks in the ring and throws Jazz to the floor. The biggest pop in the match comes when Stratus gets Victoria in an O’Connor Roll and a tiny peek of Victoria’s butt crack shows. Wrestling fans are Neanderthals. Jazz gets Stratus in a chicken wing and slams her down. Victoria drills Jazz with a boot to the face but misses a moonsault. Jazz charges and Victoria backdrops her to the floor. Richards tries to interfere with a chair but ends up hitting himself in the face. Stratus hits him with the Stratusfaction. Victoria goes for the Widow’s Peak but Stratus slips out and clobbers Victoria with the Chick Kick to get the pin and win the Women’s Title for a fourth time at 7:17. That was non-stop action and great work from all three wrestlers. I dare Kaitlyn, Layla, and Tamina Snuka to do that well this year.
Rating: ***

MATCH #4: Women’s Championship Match – Trish Stratus vs. Jazz, Insurrextion, 6.7.03

Jazz has been the Champion since 4.27.03, and this is her fourth defense. She has Theodore R. Long in her corner. These two know each other very well, so both women are slightly cautious as they commence the chain wrestling Momentum shifts back and forth as Jazz uses her strength advantage and Stratus counters with her speed. Long interferes to distract Stratus and that gives Jazz the first sequence of prolonged dominance in this important title defense. After a few minutes Stratus powers up out of a chinlock but Jazz is ready for her and is able to cut her off. Jazz hits a vertical suplex for a two-count. She locks on a Boston Crab and Stratus is able to reach the ropes. Stratus ducks a clothesline and hits a neckbreaker to buy herself some recovery time. Both divas get back to their feet and the slug fest resumes. Stratus gets Jazz in position for the Stratusphere and lands it perfectly for a two-count. She follows with a Chick Kick for another near-fall. Stratus tries the Stratusfaction but Jazz blocks it and hits a nice back suplex for two. They fight over a Boston Crab and Stratus wins that battle. Stratus turns the Crab into the STF. Victoria comes out and distracts the referee, allowing Long to sneak into the ring and hurl Stratus shoulder-first into the steel ring post. That’s enough for Jazz to get the pin and retain her title. Jazz and Trish Stratus were pretty good opponents and generally had solid matches. This one fits into that category as well, despite the weak finish – Trish didn’t need to be that protected all the time, and Jazz could have gone over stronger – but was an otherwise acceptable Women’s title bout.
Rating: **½


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