WWE Divas Undressed

divas undressed

DVD Release Date: October 22, 2002

MATCH #1: Women’s Championship Bra & Panties Match – Stacy Keibler vs. Trish Stratus, Velocity, 5.25.02

Trish has been the Champion since 5.13.02, and this is her third defense. Stacy attacks Trish before the bell and delivers kicks and stomps. She bodyslams Trish on the Women’s title belt, but doesn’t get disqualified. Stacy continues the attack, and even counters the Stratusfaction into taking Trish’s shirt off! Unfortunately for Stacy, she celebrates too long and Trish rips her top off. Stacy hits a nice spin kick and tries to take the pants off but Trish reverses it and removes Stacy’s bottoms to win the match and retain the title. I think this is the only Velocity match to ever be released on a WWE DVD.
Rating: ½*

MATCH #2: Women’s Championship Lingerie Match – Trish Stratus vs. Terri, RAW, 6.3.02

Trish has been the Champion since 5.13.02, and this is her fifth defense. Terri actually gains an early advantage and gets a quick near-fall. She hits a bodyslam and goes up top for a high cross body block! That only gets two. Trish fights back and hits a suplex for a two-count. They go back and forth a little bit more and then Trish hits a bulldog to get the pin and retain the title at 2:16. That was too short to become offensive.
Rating: ¾*

MATCH #3: Tag Team Match – Trish Stratus & Linda Miles vs. Jackie Gayda & Molly Holly, RAW, 6.24.02

Trish and Molly engage in a war of words before the bell that escalates into a brawl. Molly won the Women’s Title from Trish at King of the Ring last night so there is quite a bit of bad blood there. Trish and Linda control the early part of the match, using solid teamwork to keep Jackie isolated. Molly kicks Linda in the back from the apron to give her team the control. They work Linda over a bit until some heel miscommunication allows Linda to make the tag. Trish hits Jackie with the Stratusphere for two. Molly tags in and Trish drills her with the Chick Kick but only gets two when Jackie breaks it up. Linda takes exception and throws Jackie to the floor. Molly goes for the handspring elbow in the corner but misses. Trish hits the Stratusfaction to get the pin at 4:44. Linda and Jackie kept it simple and Trish and Molly were able to lead them through a short match.
Rating: *¾

MATCH #4: Bra & Panties Match – Torrie Wilson vs. Stacy Keibler, SmackDown!, 7.4.02

They do their usual girl fighting stuff but mix it up by going to the floor briefly. Back in the ring they do the Fish out of Water spot, but there are no pins in a Bra & Panties match, duh. Torrie catapults Stacy into the corner and rips her shirt off. They do the roll over the referee spot just for fun. Stacy lands a nice spin kick but can’t remove any clothing yet. She hits a chinbreaker but runs into a hot shot. Torrie then removes Stacy’s bottoms to get the win at an exhausting 2:38. Nothing that hasn’t been done many times before.
Rating: ¼*

MATCH #5: Women’s Championship – Molly Holly vs. Jacqueline, Sunday Night Heat, 7.14.02

Molly has been the Champion since 6.23.02, and this is her second defense. Crash is the special guest referee. Jacqueline scores a quick rollup for two. She keeps up the pressure, hoping to win the Women’s Title for a third time. Molly is able to trip Jacqueline into the bottom rope to take control. She works Jacqueline over and thwarts all of her comeback attempts. Finally Jacqueline grabs an atomic drop and follows up with a flurry of offense. She hits a Finlay Roll and a hard senton splash for two. A nice spin kick gets a near-fall. Jacqueline goes up top and misses a high cross body, making contact with Crash instead. Crash holds Jacqueline on top of himself to be a creep, allowing Molly to hit Jacqueline with the title belt and get the pin at 4:13. The finish was a bit goofy, but this was a solid four minute match before that.
Rating: **


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