WWF Divas in Hedonism

wwf divas in hedonism

DVD Release Date: May 8, 2001

MATCH #1: Intergender Elimination Tag Team Match – The Hardy Boyz & Lita vs. Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero & Perry Saturn with Terri, Armageddon, 12.10.00

The Radicalz attack right away but the Hardys are able to run them off to the floor. Saturn, Malenko, and Guerrero only get a little bit of offense in on Matt before a tag is made and Jeff comes in rockin’. Guerrero tries to whip Jeff into a knee from Saturn, only Saturn wasn’t there to hit the knee. Oops. Guerrero goes for a super rana but Jeff blocks it. Matt takes care of Saturn and the referee argues with Malenko. Meanwhile, Lita hits Guerrero with the Twist of Fate and Jeff follows with the Swanton to score the first elimination. The remaining four men in the match brawl in the ring until Saturn is able to catch Jeff in a Death Valley Driver to even the sides. Matt comes in and gets several near-falls but can’t put Saturn away. Terri grabs Matt’s leg from the floor and Saturn blasts him with a superkick. Matt tries a twist of Fate but Saturn counters to a bridging German Suplex for two. Saturn tries a headscissors but Matt counters to a side slam. Matt then hits the Legdrop off the second rope for two. Malenko tries to interfere but sends him to the floor. Matt then hits Saturn with the Twist of Fate to eliminate him. Terri gets in the ring and slaps Matt across the face. Lita takes care of her, and in the melee Malenko rolls Matt up to eliminate him. We’re down to Lita versus Malenko, the crux of this feud. Lita tries to avoid Malenko and uses high flying moves to try and pin him quickly. She goes up and hits a moonsault but Malenko kicks out. Lita hits a nice DDT and goes up to the top rope again. Malenko knocks her down and hits a huge superplex. He covers but pulls Lita up at two. Malenko further abuses Lita and pulls her up at two again. He locks on the Texas Cloverleaf to get the submission at 9:17. This was a good opener and furthered the Lita/Malenko storyline nicely. Malenko was a great heel during this feud. I also think that this match shows just what a big deal Lita was and how important she was to Matt and Jeff’s success.
Rating: ***

MATCH #2: Triple Threat Women’s Championship Match – Molly Holly vs. Ivory vs. Trish Stratus, Armageddon, 12.10.00

Ivory has been the Champion since 11.2.00, and this is her fifth defense. Molly goes right after Trish and all but ignores the Champion. Trish comes back with a monkey flip, right into an Ivory clothesline. Ivory an dtrish try to work together but Molly thwarts them with a double dropkick. Molly tries an inside cradle on Trish for two. She catches Ivory in a backslide for two. Trish and Ivory execute a double suplex. Ivory double-crosses Trish and covers Molly for two. Trish is pissed off but it’s every woman for herself! While they argue Molly hits a double cross body block for two. Molly backdrops Ivory to the floor and hits a Liger Bomb (!) on Trish. Ivory sneaks back in the ring and dumps her out. She then steals the pin on Stratus at 1:40. Would it be insulting to be asked to work a minute and 40 second match on pay-per-view? This was as energetic as could be, and Molly used a Liger Bomb, which is definitely work points.
Rating: *

MATCH #3: Women’s Championship Match – Chyna vs. Ivory, Royal Rumble, 1.21.01

Ivory has been the Champion since 11.2.00, and this is her eighth defense. She has Steven Richards with her. This is Chyna’s first ever shot at the Women’s Title. Chyna attacks right away and throws Ivory around the ring. This looks like it’s going to be a slaughter. Chyna clotheslines Ivory to the floor. They fight into the crowd and Chyna press slams Ivory back over the barricade. Back in the ring Chyna continues to dominate and Richards tries to interfere, only to get dumped to the floor. Chyna tries to do the handspring elbow but appears to re-injure her neck on the (ahem) impact. Ivory covers and gets the pin at 3:27. Squash match, weak finish.
Rating: ¼*

MATCH #4: Spanking Match – Trish Stratus vs. Jacqueline, RAW is WAR, 1.15.01

Both women come to the ring with straps. Trish tries to bail but Jacqueline catches her and whips her like a government mule. Jacqueline dominates and pulls Trish’s shirt up to whip her exposed back. Kurt Angle comes out to distract Jacqueline, and Trish takes advantage. Trish misses an elbow drop. Jacqueline goes after Trish and Angle tries to pull her to the floor. That results in Jacqueline pulling Trish’s pants down. Trish runs off with Angle and Jacqueline’s music plays. So I guess Jacqueline wins at 1:28? This was stupid.
Rating: DUD

MATCH #5: Women’s Championship Match – Lita vs. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, RAW is WAR, 8.21.00

Stephanie has been the Champion since 3.30.00, and this is her third defense. She has Triple H and Kurt Angle in her corner. WWF Champion The Rock is the special guest referee here. Lita takes it right to Stephanie all over the ring. She hits a rana for two. Angle distracts Rock while HHH trips Lita from the floor. Matt and Jeff Hardy come out to rescue Lita and assault The Game. Stephanie avoids a charge in the corner and puts the boots to Lita. She executes a monkey flip and hits a pretty nice DDT for two. Lita comes back with a flying clothesline. She hits a sloppy Stratusfaction and Stephanie kicks out. Lita goes up for the Litasault and Angle shoves her off the buckles. This triggers a brawl on the floor, and I fantasize about a Triple H & Kurt Angle vs. The Hardy Boyz match. Angle tries to hand Stephanie the Women’s Title belt to use as a weapon, but Rock cuts him off and Lays the Smack Down. HHH comes to the rescue and tries a Pedigree. Angle accidentally hits HHH with the WWE Championship belt, and Rock hits Angle with the Rock Bottom. Stephanie tries to hit the Rock with the Women’s Title belt, but Rock catches her in a Spinebuster. Lita then hits the Litasault to get the pin and win the title at 5:06. In some cases overbooking like the last minute or so of this match can be detrimental, but in this case I think having Angle, Rock and Triple H involved just made it feel like a bigger deal. This is Stephanie’s second-best match ever.
Rating: ***

MATCH #6: Bra & Panty Women’s Championship Match – Lita vs. Trish Stratus, RAW is WAR, 10.23.00

Lita has been the Champions since 8.21.00, and this is her seventh defense. She attacks Trish right away and throws her around the ring. Trish fights back and gets on the board first by taking Lita’s shirt off. Lita gets fired up and takes it to Trish, nearly killing her with a headscissors. Trish’s shirt comes off next. Trish hits a suplex. She goes for a bulldog but Lita counters it to a back suplex. Lita then goes up and hits the Litasault and pulls Trish’s shorts off to get the win at 2:09. These two even had chemistry in BS matches like this.
Rating: *


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